WikiLeaks Iraq files reveal torture

It is the biggest leak of military secrets in history. Al Jazeera has
details of nearly 400,000 classified US documents. They are the secret
Iraq files, leaked to whistleblower website WikiLeaks. For the
past ten weeks Al Jazeera has had complete access to those files. As
part of our forthcoming coverage, we reveal how the US military gave a
secret order not to investigate torture by Iraqi authorities discovered
by American troops.

Full report at link: 


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Press editor arrested at "town hall" meeting

Tony Hopfinger, editor of Alaska Dispatch, was arrested at a "town hall" meeting for Alaskan US Senate candidate Joe Miller when he asked questions regarding charges that the candidate had misappropriated public resources for political purposes at a previous post he had allegedly been dismissed from. Ironically enough, it turns out that this illegal arrest was carried out by active duty soldiers, though not in uniform and working for a rogue, unlicensed security firm Dropzone. It is against the law and un-Constitutional for active-duty military personnel to participate in political activism.

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