I am not a big fan of censorship at all, so it would be a rare occasion that I might see the need to delete a comment.

Obviously, nothing blatantly illegal can be tolerated. There is no such thing as true anonymity on the internet, and people can be held accountable in court for what they say. So just be careful you don't say stupid shit that will get you locked up or sued.

I don't mind differing opinions. So feel free to post a comment if you disagree with something that was posted by me, in a linked article/video, or by another commenter. Fruitful debate helps us all to learn new things.

The only thing I won't put up with is obvious trolling. Repeated personal attacks
and insults, obvious disinformation campaigns, things of that nature, will wind up getting deleted, so don't bother. I expect some level of civility, but I don't expect people to act like robots either. If something pisses you off, go ahead and say so. Just try to make a valid point even if you have the urge to launch in a profanity-laced tirade.

If you want a more detailed list of what I won't put up with you can check out...

25 Tactics of Truth Suppression and Disinformation

...You start pounding away with comments that fit into those categories, and I'm gonna delete you sooner or later.

Short of that though, feel free to speak your mind. Basically, I like to think that there really are no rules here, just use some common sense and try to have a valid point.

Basically, thanks for not being a shankopottamus.

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