Police Smash Man Into Glass For Asking Judge a Question (VIDEO)

Unreal. Not only is this blatant brutality, but a total violation of due process as well. RESISTANCE IS FUTILE! YOU WILL BE ASSIMILATED.

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Man Who Got Into Super-Bowl Without a Ticket Interviewed (VIDEO)

In case you happened to be among the small handful of Americans that didn't watch this year's Super Bowl, you missed a pretty shocking interruption of the post-game coverage by an activist for 9/11 truth. The first video is the clip of what happened. The second is an interview with him afterward, in which he admits that he got past all security without even buying a ticket to the most "secure" sporting event in history.


Straight talk About the Gender Wage Gap (VIDEO)

Independent Women's Forum, in a continued effort to set the record straight about the real reason for the statistical difference between men and women's earnings , releases an informative, stop-frame animation web video -- Straight Talk About the Wage Gap . The video explains how women's choices ultimately determine how much they earn and how government intervention in the workplace can backfire on women.

The stop-frame animation consists of a sequence of digital photographed frames, roughly one every second, creating the illusion of movement when the frames are played in a continuing sequence.

Visit www.iwf.org

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