A ten year old boy declares war on the world...

Starlings on Otmoor

'Invasive' Airport Screening Stirs Backlash Among Airline Passengers

The federal government's efforts to beef up airport security amid increasing terror threats is sparking a growing backlash among airline passengers, labor unions and advocacy groups who say the "naked strip search" machines or aggressive pat-downs that screeners use go too far.

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More than 50 sheep commit mass suicide by jumping off cliff in Turkey

Maybe they knew what was coming.

More than 50 sheep on their way to slaughter in Turkey beat their executioners to the punch and jumped to their deaths in an unexplained and unprovoked mass suicide.

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UFO Mystery in the sky of New York Red-Hot Streak Moving Behind Emp. State Bldg

First the unexplained missile over LA, and then this last night over NY. This thing is moving wayyy to fast to be a plane...


Women (How Another One Bites the Dust)

So, I have been single now for the better part of a few years. At my age, mid 30's, I have had my ups and downs, all sorts of stories to tell, and thanks to those stories I was not too keen to get back into the dating scene once again. Then again, being single does kinda suck too. I am not an emotionally void person and I do like some quality intimate company when it comes my way. So, I put myself out there, yet again, to see what was in the pond these days other than swamp-donkeys.

After some time, and a handful of weird dates or dates that went nowhere, I met a person who seemed to be pretty nice. A little emotional baggage, but hey, at my age the "perfect" girl would raise some serious red flags right there. I was looking for a real person, and seemed to find someone who had similar interests, who was easy to talk to. Things seemed to be going swell...

...Until tonight. The night before my birthday. Well, sidetrack here for a second. I should have known there might be a problem tonight. I have SHIT luck on my birthday. Every year, without fail, it's a FUCKED up day, no matter what I do. Even if I try to just hide under my bed. A few years ago when I split with my fiance? She came to my job and handed my my ring back... on my birthday. Yeah, the hex really is that bad people.

So, okay, nice day out today. I decide to go to the store and order a birthday cake for myself since no one else is going to get me one. But before I get to the grocery store, I stop off a the local liquor cellar to pick up a little rummy libation to sip on tomorrow night, after what I was hoping might be an un-eventful birthday.

A good friend of mine is manning the counter. He also works at another place, where I also work part-time here in town. So we are both friends and co-workers. He proceeds to tell my all about a new girl he has just started seeing. Aw, good for him. He's a good guy. It turns out, that this girl also works in another place where I just started working as well. He met her on the same dating site that I met my girlfriend on too. What a coincidence. Well, the coincidence doesn't end there folks.

He has been dating my girlfriend this past weekend.

It doesn't get much more ironic than that folks. And I am cutting out some other irony details, since I am a few shots into this bottle now and I never ordered my cake.

Happy Birthday to me, huppy borfday tuu mee...

This post compliments of ANONYMOUS USER 101.

Good luck brah. And happy birthday my man.

Rugby player makes a total ass of himself

I would like to thank this rugby player for washing away my drunken sins, by taking the crown of the worst hangover regret ever ever, lol...

Morgan Stanley financial adviser escapes felony charges for hit-and-run 'because it could jeopardise his job'

A financial manager for wealthy clients will not face charges for a hit-and-run because it could jeopardise his job, it has been revealed. Martin Joel Erzinger, 52, was set to face felony charges for running over a doctor who he hit from behind in his 2010 Mercedes Benz, and then speeding off. But now he will simply face two misdemeanour traffic charges from the July 3 incident in Eagle, Colorado.

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