Cop-Clique Celebrates G-Style Cap Bustin'

Absolute power corrupts absolutely. When you put police on a pedestal, make them more "special" than the citizens, all you are doing is supporting a gang of untouchables more sinister than the most hardened criminals. Thugs in blue folks, think about what you are supporting when you support the police without question...

Tattoo in sheriff's deputy clique may have celebrated shootings, sources say 

The investigation into a secret clique within the Los Angeles County sheriff's elite gang unit has uncovered allegations that members had matching tattoos of a gun-toting skeleton, which deputies would modify to celebrate their involvement in a shooting, according to sources close to the internal probe.

One deputy, who has admitted belonging to a clique called the "Jump Out Boys," has identified about half a dozen other deputies as members, one source confirmed. Those men are expected to be summoned for interviews with internal affairs investigators, the source said.

Suspicion about the group's existence was sparked several weeks ago when a supervisor discovered a pamphlet laying out the group's creed, which promoted aggressive policing and portrayed officer shootings in a positive light.

The pamphlet was found in the vehicle used by the deputy who acknowledged his association with the clique, according to sources who requested anonymity because they were not authorized to speak about the ongoing investigation.

Days after The Times reported on the discovery of the pamphlet, the captain of the division gathered his deputies for a private briefing, during which he told them they had shamed the department by forming the group and urged those responsible to identify themselves, a source with knowledge of the unit's inner workings said.

At some point, one deputy came forward, and he has since named about six others, the source said.

Internal affairs investigators are trying to determine whether the deputies violated Sheriff's Department rules or committed serious misconduct.

More at link:  http://www.latimes.com/news/local/la-me-sheriff-clique-20120510,0,728956.story


Jay-Z Illuminati Puppet?

I have always been a little bit on the fence about these accusations against entertainers such as Madonna, with her occult Super-Bowl halftime show, and rappers like Jay-Z who clearly employ copious amounts of secret society symbolism. Are they really evil, deliberately spreading secret messages and brainwashing the masses, or is this stuff simply stage props? Are they actually members of secret societies, pawns doing the bidding of dark cabals, or just entertainers trying to make a buck by capitalizing on conspiracy theory?

Make sure you watch this to the end. I don't know about absolute proof, but I think what we are seeing and hearing is a little more than just a gimmick now having heard how this video ends...


Guilty Plea in Filiberti Murder Puts Conspiracy Theories to Rest

Stephen Shand has pled guilty to the brutal sexual attack and murder of Katie Filiberti.

The despicable crime itself was unprecedented, an utter shock to the community of Hyde Park NY and surrounding areas. But then too, the twists and turns that the investigation took, tore families and the community apart.

You can read about and review how the case developed here at this link:

Filiberti Homicide - One Year Later

Shand is expected to receive a sentence of 40 years to life in prison when he returns to court next month for sentencing, after pleading guilty to murder in the first degree and predatory sexual assault. He also waives his right to any appeal. His admission will spare the victim's family, and the community, a painful trial. It should also close the door on most of the rumors and conspiracy theories surrounding the case, however valid they appeared to be.


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