Guilty Plea in Filiberti Murder Puts Conspiracy Theories to Rest

Stephen Shand has pled guilty to the brutal sexual attack and murder of Katie Filiberti.

The despicable crime itself was unprecedented, an utter shock to the community of Hyde Park NY and surrounding areas. But then too, the twists and turns that the investigation took, tore families and the community apart.

You can read about and review how the case developed here at this link:

Filiberti Homicide - One Year Later

Shand is expected to receive a sentence of 40 years to life in prison when he returns to court next month for sentencing, after pleading guilty to murder in the first degree and predatory sexual assault. He also waives his right to any appeal. His admission will spare the victim's family, and the community, a painful trial. It should also close the door on most of the rumors and conspiracy theories surrounding the case, however valid they appeared to be.


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