Top secret X-37B space craft makes launch

The launch was made today, successfully. Here is a background story...

Little is known about the US Air Force’s X-37B which ended its first mission three months ago. However, the craft is set to fly again on an unknown mission for unknown reasons.

Pending weather, the X-37B orbiter will launch March 4 on an Atlas V rocket from Cape Canaveral. The Air Force has waited no time at all following the first successful launch. Successful being relative, since no one outside the program knows what the mission entailed.

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Six billion humans can't be wrong

We are not of this planet.
We do not understand
Your strange customs.
Your planet's ecosystem
Is failing.
Your leaders deny this.

Your leaders deny this.
Your leaders deny this.
Your leaders deny this.
Your leaders deny this.

Do your leaders lie to you?
Do so many of you believe these lies?
Your strange customs.
Believe these lies?

Save the planet.
Kill yourself.
Save the planet!
Kill yourself.

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Ark of the Covenant at the Bottom of Money Pit?

Australia to outlaw thousands of plants, including national flower

This is right in line with the plans Codex Alimentarius has for America. They are a little behind schedule now because of European resistance, but it's coming folks. This initiative in Australia is a test run to see how they can make us swallow their fascist bullshit when it comes to plants. This is not about illegal drugs folks, this is about our food supply.

(NaturalNews) In what it claims is an effort to stamp out plants and flowers that can be used as drugs, Australian authorities have proposed insane legislation that will outlaw hundreds, if not thousands, of common plant species, including the golden wattle, its national flower. If the law passes, nurseries, commercial growers, farmers, cactus collectors, and even backyard gardeners will become criminals overnight -- even though many of the plants being targeted are not even used as drugs.

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Cops can take your sh*# in Michigan, no charges...

Forfeiture abuse in action: Cops caught on tape discussing on how much property they can take from a house due to tiny amount of marijuana found.

Read the report: http://www.ij.org/3114

IJ on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/instituteforjustice

The Poughkeepsie Tapes (Full Length Feature Film)

This movie was given trailer spots nationwide, but after repeated attempts to release it, it has never come to the big screen as a full length feature film. The theaters, the studios, they all wanted it, but were too scared by what they saw. Even in the day and age of Gladiator and SAW, this is too much for mainstream America to see.

But now, you can see it. The full length feature film... The Poughkeepsie Tapes.

Special thanks to Wayne Delong.


The M14 Enhanced Battle Rifle

The changing nature of the war in Afghanistan led to the re-issue of the 7.62x51 mm NATO M14 rifle.

Not long after U.S. forces invaded Afghanistan, al-Qaeda and its Taliban allies came to realize that America’s 5.56x45 mm NATO infantry rifles lost most of their lethality beyond 500 meters. Demonstrating their adaptability, the insurgents exploited Afghanistan’s sprawling valleys and distant mountainsides to seek engagements beyond the M16’s and M4’s effective ranges.

This is borne out by U.S. Army data, which reveals that more than half of the war’s small arms engagements are now beyond 500 meters, with the enemy employing heavier weapons and then withdrawing before air support or artillery fire can arrive.

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FBI stings SWAT raiders

Woman Claims Police Stole Over $4000 From Her Home During Raid, FBI Stage Sting With Fake House, Cops Get Caught Red Handed

KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- A Kansas City, Kan., woman said her family was victimized by members of the Kansas City, Kan., police SWAT team during a search warrant raid and is missing more than $4,000 and believes her complaint prompted the internal investigation, sting and arrest of several officers.

On Jan. 5, KCK Police Chief Rick Armstrong confirmed that members of KCK's elite SWAT unit were accused of theft after an FBI sting operation busted several officers accused of stealing money while on the job. [...]

Sources have told KCTV5 that the FBI planted money at a vacant KCK house and set up a fake search warrant sting to bust the officers. As those officers returned from the sting, they were handcuffed, questioned and placed on suspension.

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But I found the story here at informationliberation "the news you're not supposed to know"


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