Is Your Dealer a Cop?

Took this fun little quiz for the heck of it. I don't use drugs on a regular basis so I'm not too worried about it. But I learned the ropes a bit back in high school and college on how to spot trouble, so I took this quiz with those rules in mind.

Is Your Dealer a Cop?

But as soon as I saw the title, all I could think of was all the cases of crooked cops, and wondered if this was that kind of quiz. But if it had been, I suppose they would have called it, "Is your cop a dealer?" lol.

Cocaine Cop Gets 3 1/2 Years

Obama Born in Kenya, His Own Agent Says

I have never been a "birther." I always believed that the whole "born in Kenya" theory was little more than dirty politics and a distraction from the real issues. If he had in fact been born in Kenya, he never would have gotten the support necessary to become President for one thing, knowing full well that he was not a viable candidate. Alternately, the powers-that-be could have simply made it "legal" for a foreign-born person to become President, avoiding the entire debate.

This new evidence is not proof, but given all the rest of what has come before, this is certainly compelling enough for me to go back and actually look more closely at past evidence. According to this latest evidence, his own biography, by his own literary agent, states that he was born in Kenya. This biography was distributed up to 2007.

It is possible that the biography is a lie. That being born in Kenya was something that made him look more sophisticated to cultivate a more "ethnic" and international appearance, even if he was actually born in Hawaii. What cannot be denied at this point though, is that he has lied. Either in his bio, or to the public at large.

See the full breaking story here at:


Is Earth Expanding?

If this is true, then it must also be true that the Earth is hollow. If the Earth is hollow, is it possible that there is life on the inside?


Family Escape From Wildfire Caught on Film

BONUS video of Russian wildfire escape:

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