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Internet Gun Blueprints Banned by State Department

This issue cuts not only into the right to bear arms, but right to the core of the freedom of speech and our ability to access information.

Defense Distributed, the firm that had designed plastic guns which could be manufactured with a 3D printer, has announced that their "Liberator" project has gone dark. Cody Wilson, the leader of the company said that he immediately complied with the order to take down the files when he received a letter from the State Department ordering him to do so. 

You can read more details of the story in this article by: The Guardian

Make no mistake folks, this is government censorship of the internet, and opens up a whole lot of questions about just how far the government can go to make it illegal for you to gain access to information. This is also a blow to our right to bear arms as well.

Even if the manufacture of these guns falls under regulations that might make it illegal in a certain country, or even a U.S. state, this should not give the government the power to arbitrarily control your access to information. Another example might be marijuana. Illegal in most states and under Federal regulation, yet it is perfectly legal, as it should be, to look up how to grow marijuana as well as all sorts of other information on the banned plant. Pornography as well. Certain genres of that sort of material may be illegal in one jurisdiction but not another. Should this discrepancy be allowed to be used as the basis by which all internet sex is censored by the Federal government?

We might even make a more mundane comparison. Here in my home state of NY it is illegal for me drive on the roads with a "Cherry Bomb" exhaust system on my automobile. Yet it is perfectly legal for the store to sell them, I can certainly look at one on the internet, and I can even install it on a car as long as I don't drive it on public roadways. This is a similar case with a police light. I can buy one, I can even mount one on my car, I just can't use it in traffic. Or pepper spray. Different jurisdictions have different regulations on the sale, possession, and use of non-lethal weapons like this, but we can still see them on the internet.

But because of anti-gun sentiment, this overstepping by the government will be tolerated, even supported by many people unfortunately. Moreover, this move seems clearly aimed at compliance with the push by the UN to regulate guns globally, and to intrude in the domestic affairs of the United States.

UN Passes Historic Arms Trade Treaty To Media Silence

In short, it is this author's belief that you should be able to view and download blueprints of how to manufacture a gun. This does not necessarily extend to a right to actually manufacture the gun, to possess the gun, or to carry the gun. The debates on each of those regulations are another matter. At issue here is your right to information. It should be no more illegal for Defense Distributed to share their blueprints, than it should be for me to draw you a diagram of a Malatov cocktail.

Also read this article regarind internet censorship by the government and corporations:

Book Burning In The Digitial Age

Download a Machine Gun, Printable 30-Round Mag Now Reality


Does Photo Show Bomb Being Placed?

Authorities have been mum on what evidence they actually have against the Tsarnaev brothers, the lead suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing case. They showed one small clip of security video that showed the brothers walking past a store, wearing backpacks. The FBI appealed to the public for help in identifying them, but the FBI already knew who they were, and had been in contact with them directly for 5 years.

The original suspect turned out to be innocent, according to them anyway, before being kicked out of the country and sent back to Saudi Arabia. But clearly, the FBI is not so certain about what actually happened there that day. So it begs the question, what evidence do they actually have that the brothers are responsible for the bombing?

Carrying a backpack is not a crime. There were dozens, if not hundreds of people with backpacks and large bags in the crowd that day. In fact, this new picture has come to light which is quite interesting indeed. While the FBI has not shown us any pictures of the brothers actually placing the bombs, this image shows a woman dropping a bag over the fence. Could this have been the bomb?



Pregnant Mom Calls 911 For Help, Gets Shot In Face While Holding Baby

AGAWAM, Mass. (WGGB) – One year after being accidentally shot in the face Britteney Miles shares her story.

On May 5, 2012, the Agawam resident called 911 after she thought someone was breaking into her apartment. It turned out to be her boyfriend.

“If I had known it was my boyfriend I would have never called the cops. I would have went to the front door and opened it,” said Miles.

Miles was shot as she was at the door to meet the police.

“I walked over to open the door and before I could get my door open, she fired her gun and it went through the door and hit me in the face,” said Miles.

She was pregnant and holding her two-year-old daughter at the time. She didn’t know she was shot until an officer told her what happened.

Read more at: ABC 40 FOX 6

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Even Kids Know Cops Are Wrong (VIDEO)

12 year-old Jeremy calls out a Las Vegas cop for parking his motorcycle on the sidewalk. The cop refuses to properly identify himself when asked, and then threatens the kid about loitering.

Check out the vid:

9/11 Explained In 5 Mins


G8 Cabinet Minister Speaks on UFO's, Banking Cartels, Secret Societies

2 Living ETs Working with US Government from Mike on Vimeo.


Propaganda, Psychological Warfare, and The War For Your Mind In Wake of Boston Bombing

I have recently had the privilege of having some of my material featured on CopBlock.org. It has been quite interesting, though also quite disheartening, to see the vicious attacks that have been made on me by visitors to the comments sections of various articles posted there. Not only attacks on my works which are, of course, always open to debate and discussion, but on myself personally. Now keep in mind, that my person is irrelevant to the issues at hand. I am a relatively anonymous internet persona, that has little bearing on the material I present. I am really just the messenger, so to speak. And I am not singing the blues over hurt feelings either. What actually disturbs me is the frequency in which ad hominem fallacy is applied in order to deflect from the real issues presented, simply in order to derail the discussion. Ad hominem is not the only tactic either though, used to distract the reader from the truth. It is disheartening to see who can be made to follow a red herring path of emotional appeal and rhetoric into the forest of lies, rather than simply seeing the truth for what it is. 

How does one discredit truth and fact? One uses logical fallacy, rhetoric, disinformation, and the tools of psychological warfare. As much as I might find myself annoyed by shills, liars and propagandists, this introduction is more of an invitation, for you the reader, to see if you can spot the characters and tactics that are being used to brainwash you. Have a look at the sorts of comments that get made there at CopBlock, which is a noble, even if controversial organization for truth. The shills that come crawling out of the woodwork to distract the readers from seeing the truth. And of course have a gander at the following piece, which clearly shows that there is a very real movement of ignorance in this country that is bent on destroying truth in the public eye. 

Have you broken free yet, can you break free, can you remain intellectually honest with yourself in the face of psychological warfare?

-Captain Six

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Media Manipulation, Propaganda, and the Rules of Disinformation

Ignorance Fuels Trust In Government, Study

Herd Mentality

Propaganda, Psychological Warfare, and The War For Your Mind In Wake of Boston Bombing

Just after the bombing occurred, alternate media source InfoWars.com dispatched a reporter to see what he could uncover, and to ask some tough questions. This is the sort of reporting and investigative journalism that we could never expect from mainstream corporate media sources today. To the contrary, regular news sources have already been caught in a number of lies, spreading untruths and disinformation, ignoring pertinent facts, and in general trying very hard to paint a particular picture about the terrible event. 

Of course, this is not a complete endorsement either, of Alex Jones, his InfoWars network, or any alternate media source in general. The idea here is for people to judge for themselves, to exercise critical thinking, and to have as many genuine facts at their disposal as possible. But to that end, it certainly appears that alternate media sources have become our only reliable source of open information.

Dan Bidonbi, reporting for Infowars, was there for the initial press conferences.

Inside Boston Marathon Bombing Press Conferences (VIDEO LINK)

Just looking at that video alone, it would be easy to write off the reporter as another one of those "wacko conspiracy nuts." Sadly though, his question was probably the single most important question asked during that press conference, and it went unanswered. It is not conspiracy theory that the police were conducting a so-called drill when these bombs went off. It is not conspiracy theory they were telling people before, and even after bombs had actually gone off, that it was just an exercise.

University of Mobile’s Cross Country Coach is just one of many witnesses who has come forward to corroborate this account. Before the bombs went off, he was concerned by bomb-sniffing dogs, rooftop snipers, and intense police activity.
“It seemed like there was some sort of threat, but they kept telling us it was just a drill... They kept making announcements on the loud speaker that it was just a drill and there was nothing to worry about.” -Coach Ali Stevenson (SOURCE)
Also see: Boston Bombing Witness Says FBI Deleted His Crime Scene Photos

Witnesses at the scene are not the only source of information though. While the mainstream media can be a very unreliable source of information, they also make mistakes by reporting actual facts from time to time. Inconvenient facts, that do not fit the ongoing "script" and will therefore never be reported on again, except in the underground media who happened to pick up that information before it got scrubbed entirely from the internet. 

Of course we must also understand that not all false reports by the media are necessarily deliberate. In any unfolding events there will be chaos, conflicting reports, and so forth. On the other hand, there are some things that would never be reported at all, unless there was a reason. Reporting that police were conducting a drill that involved a controlled explosion is one such example. Again, keep in mind, that this was reported before the bombs actually went off. So the Boston Globe cannot simply dismiss their reports as being an error because of confusion after the blasts went off.

Strong Evidence 'Drill' Was Cover For Actual Bombing In Boston

So we see from all of this that the questions posed by InfoWars reporter Dan Bidonbi were not at all the product of lunacy, or some hidden agenda to discredit authorities simply for the sake of discrediting authorities. The questions were completely legitimate, should have been answered, and yet still have not been answered.

Despite the most comprehensive, invasive, violent, and Constitutionally offensive manhunt ever conducted on American soil, police actually failed to find "Suspect #2" Dzhokar Tsarnaev after his alleged shootout with police some 20 hours earlier. Instead, he was found by a civilian homeowner who went out to check on his boat after the declaration of martial law had been lifted, and found the suspect laying inside. And despite the fact that the suspect was not armed, police opened fire on him with high power weapons.

Thanks to Dan Bidonbi reporting for InfoWars, we have learned now that even though police didn't bother to check the boat, they had ripped through the rest of the neighborhood with menacing threat of force, and even stormed through the house right across the street from where the suspect was eventually found. Be sure to check out those video interviews at the following link:

Boston Gestapo Victims Speak Out

So there we see that Mr. Bidonbi is conducting real interviews, with real people in that community who were directly affected by all that unfolded there. The interviews are rather lengthy, and not edited to cherry pick small soundbites to be broadcast for propaganda value. In fact, some of what was said there by the folks he interviewed does not fit in line with other InfoWars reports or the consensus of conspiracy theorists.

One such contradiction is that a person who is interviewed there by Bidonbi says that he saw Dzhokar run over his brother Tamerlan, who was laying in the street at police gunpoint. This actually conflicts with other witness statements who claim it was the police ran over the suspect in the street.But those statements also conflict with the assessment of a doctor, who says that the suspect was not run over at all.

But again, this is what the news is supposed to be. An open funnel of information, uncut and in the raw. From all of these reports then, we can assess for ourselves, and extrapolate whatever truth is there to be found.

But this sort of reporting is dangerous. Dangerous to the real conspirators and their hidden agendas, whatever those agendas might be, dangerous to mainstream media who are being undermined and made fools of by true journalism, but perhaps most of all, dangerous to people like Dan Bidonbi who have the courage to bring you this information.

Given all that is at stake here, the entire public perception of the Boston bombing, of the war on terror, of our own government, it is not surprising at all that certain powers-that-be would finally engage in direct psychological warfare. Alex Jones and his networks can no longer just be written off as lunacy. More and more people are taking these things seriously. More and more people are waking up that we, as a society, have been duped by our government, by the media. More and more people want answers, and accountability. More and more people are waking up to the fact that our once great nation have been stolen out from under us. More and more people want to take this country back.

But how do to the powers-that-be undermine the alternative media? How can the liars put the rustling sheep back to sleep, even with wolves scratching at the door? How can the liars discredit the seekers of truth? The answer is, to engage someone like Dan Bidonbi, directly. Make it appear as if the attack is spontaneous. Make it appear as though it is just an average person, a "one of us" sort of person, a "real patriot" who "loves" America who is utterly offended by the mere presence of someone like Dan Bidonbi in his midst. Better yet, shine the spotlight on a "true believer." Someone who has been utterly and completely brainwashed by media propaganda and government rhetoric. Someone who is utterly incapable of even considering inconvenient facts that run contrary to what is "allowed" to be entered into public consciousnesses. A shill, who doesn't even realize that he is a shill.

Enter, Roger Nicholson.

In this first video, we see the first attack. There shouldn't be any need here to explain that this is a free country, that Bidonbi has every right to be there. We will assume readers here have the intellectual wherewithal to be able to see for themselves just how misguided and disgusting this attack really is. Sadly though, there certainly are people out there who will be duped by the ignorant vitriol spewed by the likes of this Nicholson character.

Indeed, the mainstream media is counting on the vast majority of Americans to be swayed by this vulgar level of propaganda. Here you see that MSNBC gives Roger Nicholson airtime simply to bash Alex Jones, and to attract national attention to Nicholson's petty little rant toward an alternate media reporter.

But let's have a closer look now at Roger Nicholson. First, this video shows us that he is not quite just some random guy off the street. He has some connections to the media as well. Perhaps this was the channel through which he was recruited as a minion of the agenda. Bona fide shill or not though, this clip is quite revealing as to his true nature, and the sort of person who the powers-that-be expect us to be like, and to identify with.

Finally, in this last video, Nicholson actually appears on InfoWars as a guest. His murderous, psychotic nature bubbles to the surface again, though not quite as boldly as in the video above. But here we get a deeper look at how contradictory, delusional, utterly and willfully ignorant he actually is.

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