"Assassin School"

Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation

The Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (WHISC or WHINSEC), formerly the School of the Americas (SOA; Spanish: Escuela de las Américas) is a United States Department of Defense facility at Fort Benning near Columbus, Georgia in the United States.
Between 1946 and 2001, the SOA trained more than 61,000 Latin American soldiers and policemen. Some of them became notorious for human rights violations, including generals Leopoldo Galtieri, Efraín Ríos Montt and Manuel Noriega, dictators such as Bolivia's Hugo Banzer, some of Augusto Pinochet's officers,[1][2] members of the Atlacatl Battalion of El Salvador who carried out the El Mozote massacre of 1981, and the founders of Los Zetas, a drug cartel formerly affiliated with the Gulf Cartel.[3][4] Critics of the school argue that the education encouraged such internationally recognized human rights violating practices and that the WHINSEC is merely a new name for exactly the same practices. This is denied by the SOA/WHINSEC and its supporters, who claim they now emphasize democracy and human rights.[5][6]

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Are they spying on you?

Do you remember the good old days the when it used to be illegal for governments to spy on their citizens? I don’t either… but I’m told that it used to be illegal. Oh how times have changed.

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US Military Manuals

Found a great link, thanks to Omega at Lunaticoutpost.com. A whole crapload of all sorts of different US military manuals. Please be selective about your downloads at this page though, to save bandwidth. If it's something you will actually use, it's there to download, but don't junk up the guy's connection trying to download all sorts of stuff you will never use.



This is an excellent source of information on how to stay alive in any number of situations. Anything from being stranded in your car during a blizzard, to a terrorist nuclear attack, you would be glad to know the material in this manual. Here is a link to the PDF file for the manual...


Read it, get familiar with the skills and concepts outlined in the manual. Download it, so you can memorize it. There is much specific information contained in the manual, from how to build a survival shelter, to how to fabricate your own survival tools, to identifying poisonous plants and animals. Buy it. Get yourself a hard-copy of the manual to keep in your car or your "Bug Out Bag." Chances are, that in an actual event where you would use this information, you won't have electricity to run your computer and access this file. Even if you have done a pretty good job memorizing it, much of it will probably be forgotten by the time you might actually need it. The brain has a way of making unused information go stale. So skim through it again from time to time.


Wouldn't that suck?

"Gentrification" of police forces, the march toward a national police state

With local departments coming up short in their budgets, and even big-city departments like Chicago abandoning whole swaths of territory to criminal gans, it is only a matter of time that the people DEMAND a Nazified national police force. This is a marker on the goalpost...

NJ discusses help for soon-decimated Camden police

Among possibilities being considered are deploying officers from the Camden County Sheriff's Office and the Park Police to supplement city patrols

CAMDEN, N.J. — Camden city and county officials met Monday to discuss assisting Camden police — possibly with increased involvement by the county Sheriff's Office and Park Police — when the city lays off up to half of its law enforcement officers Jan. 18.

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Even the police themselves are not safe from the onslaught of the fascism aligned against us.  Pawns, who are being chewed up and spit out.

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