'Google Shopping' Blocks All Vitamins and Natural Products

Okay, now this is totally creepy, and right in keeping with what natural health advocates have been saying for years. For a company the size of Google, to be actively blocking vitamin supplements and natural products is a terrible omen that outright illegalization is right around the corner now.

 (NaturalNews) If you have ever done any sort of comparison shopping online, chances are you have probably used Google's Shopping portal to pull up product information and compare prices. But if you live in the U.S. and try to use Google Shopping to buy vitamins, supplements, personal care products, and even many health foods, your search queries will now turn up blank, as Google has apparently blocked access to all vitamins and natural products for American customers.

Right around June 28 of this year, Google Shopping users first began noticing that search queries for many common health products like "vitamin C" and "fish oil" began turning up zero results, whereas before they would generate a copious list of vendors that offered these products, as well as corresponding price information. In the days and weeks that followed, these same users learned that vitamins and natural products in general were no longer showing up in Google Shopping.

When asked about the issue by several concerned shoppers, Google's public relations team reportedly gave vague and incomplete answers about why natural products are no longer showing up in its Shopping section, even though they are still showing up in Google's general web search area. Others with inside information claim that Google has quietly, without any announcement to the public or its venders, added vitamins, supplements, and other nutritional products to its "sensitive category" of products, which means they are completely blocked from Google Shopping searches.

In either case, Google Shopping users are now unable to search for nutritional products, which means it has become that much harder for the average person to access vitamins and dietary supplements online. And the venders that used to sell such products through Google's site -- many of these businesses had been paying Google to include their products as part of Google Shopping searches -- are now watching their businesses decline, as Google holds a significant monopoly on the product search and comparison market.

"Google publishes a list of products in [the natural health] category that are blocked as a matter of corporate policy in the public interest. So shopping results for (things like) steroids are always blocked," says the Healthy Chronicle, an online health blog sponsored by California-based supplement company iMedmart.com. "(But) we're talking about something completely different here -- Google is blocking whole categories of respected, brand-name products ... from online shoppers for no stated reason."

Read full article here

Now this video is a bit dated, and Codex Alimentarius was stalled for a short time until President Obama finally signed off on it without any public knowledge or media coverage. Nevertheless, what is happening is real, and is probably the biggest threat mankind has ever faced. We talk about a lot of things on this site, but there is probably no bigger, more important, and under-reported issue than this.

Here is the short version, but the full length will be linked below:


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Cop Who Threatened to Murder Motorists Sues to Get Job Back

This Canton, Ohio police officer was caught on videotape three times threatening to murder motorists. In one incident, the motorist was legally carrying a firearm. In another incident, the officer threatned to kill every person in the car. In another yet incident, the motorist was stopped for no reason whatsoever. The officer has been investigated by internal affairs a whopping 18 times during his 14 years on the force, yet his Chief claims there was no reason to believe that the officer in question might have been a problem.

The hot-tempered highwayman was eventually fired, but no criminal charges were ever brought against him. And now the cop wants his job back!

Daniel Harless to appeal firing from Canton police

Now, to those of us with some common sense and basic concept of justice, it might seem absurd that this officer would even dare to try to get his job back. In reality though, there is a very good chance that he will be reinstated. After all, this officer was reinstated after he was fired in the wake of this incident:

This is actually a pretty common theme when there are crimes perpetrated by police. They are virtually above the law and any sense of common decency. In this case, the DA chose not to even prosecute criminal charges against on officer who beat up a judge! 
Update: Queens, New York: The judge who said an officer struck him is blasting the District Attorney for not prosecuting the officer. The judge said the officer hit him when he mistook the judge for a heckler. “It was absolutely criminal,” said the judge, “and I think a jury would have very little difficulty, if they heard the testimony, determining who was telling the truth and who was lying.” bit.ly/OaGTP5

So what chance do you have, as a civilian do you have to see justice be done if you are victimized by the police?

Have You Ever Tried to File a Complaint Against Police

Usually, police officers are never charged criminally, but rather given a departmental censure, or maybe fired, except perhaps in the most grievous of situations for which there is extreme public outcry. Even if they are fired, and cannot go back to their original department, they will more than likely be picked up by another department. Without a felony conviction against them, they are free to still be a police officer in any department that will have them.

When police officers are prosecuted, they are convicted at less than half the rate of the general public. Then, even if a conviction against them is secured, they are less likely to be incarcerated. Even if they do wind up behind bars, a disgraced cop will only do about a third of the time that civilians serve.

Yet again we see the unbridled hypocrisy in this nation, and awake to find that we now live in an Orwellian police state the likes of which only the most clever fiction authors ever imagined.


Cops Who Smash-In Women's Faces

We have another real fuckin hero here folks. This eight-year veteran police officer decides to smash a young woman's face in the side of her car repeatedly, and then declares, "There. Maybe now you can understand simple instructions," as he snaps on the cuffs.

Her big offense? Standing next to her car talking on her cellphone, rather than staying seated, when she was stopped for suspected DUI and traffic infractions. 

Now don't get me wrong here folks, drunks can be belligerent, and police get nervous when a motorist gets out of the car during a traffic stop. In this case however, the young woman who is half his size did nothing that could be construed as aggressive or violent. standing next to your car and talking on the phone is not illegal either. Even if she was drunk, that had yet to be determined. So in the eyes of the law, at that point, this was a perfectly innocent woman who was brutally assaulted by an officer without cause.

Watching the video, it seems abundantly clear that the only reason for flinging this girl around and smashing her face into the side of the car, was to "teach her a lesson" so to speak. Now imagine for a second, what this cop would have done to this girl's father or boyfriend, if they had done the same thing to her. In this day and age, even yelling at a woman can get a man locked up on domestic violence charges, and beat up by police who feel it is their duty to dispense a little "old-fashioned" justice on woman-beaters. Yet here is this guy, beating a young woman he does not even know, because she did not sit down like she was told.

At least the officer was fired, but he was only charged with a misdemeanor count of simple battery and will likely never see the inside of a jail cell. What you will see in the video below, is much worse than a shove or even a smack int the face.

It's also more than likely that he will either try to appeal his firing, or that he will wind up on another police department. This is common practice for police officers who run into trouble of this sort. They are fired as a public relations matter, and then re-hired after the media attention dies down. Or, without a felony conviction, they simply move on to another department. I will go ahead and include a second video below, of a woman who was arrested, and exonerated on a DUI charge. The officer in that case was also fired, but was later reinstated to the department.

As promised, here is the video of the other case I mentioned. As I was digging up a copy, I came across this one, the first split-shot of the event. You will see why that it is important in a moment.

Not only was the officer reinstated, but he was also given all of his back pay.

Board reinstates Willis, says city violated his rights
Panel says Shreveport violated Wiley Willis’ rights

By Loresha Wilson • ljwilson@gannett.com • August 13, 2009

The Shreveport Municipal Fire and Police Civil Service Board’s seven members made the ruling Wednesday in the case known nationally for video footage of the handcuffed woman lying in a pool of her blood in a police interrogation room.

The ruling means Wiley Willis can return to duty once his in-service and firearm requirements are met.
“He’ll get a year and a half of back pay, benefits, retirement, everything,” said Michael Carter, president of the Shreveport police officers union. And as far as he knows, Carter added, Willis intends to continue working for the Shreveport Police Department.

The Civil Service Board ruled that Willis’ rights, under the Police Officer Bill of Rights, were violated because an expert failed to record a polygraph examination Willis took as part of the Police Department’s investigation into Garbarino’s injuries, including a broken nose.

Shreveport Police Chief Henry Whitehorn called the panel’s finding a technicality and said he is “disappointed with the board’s ruling.” The police chief said he is moving forward with the city’s legal department to pursue an appeal.

“This is not a technicality, this is the law — the Police Bill of Rights,” Michael Carter, president of the Shreveport police officers union, said after a news conference Wednesday evening.

Carter also said Willis was fired for failing to administer first aid — a detail the Police Department never has released and would not confirm. Carter pointed out that police officers haven’t been trained in first aid since 1996 and are not equipped with any type of medical supplies.

Wayne Nissen, who administered the polygraph, testified before the board that he was aware the Police Department was investigating Willis’ actions. He said he wasn’t given a line of questions to ask during the exam but was told to ask questions about the night of Garbarino’s arrest.

However, Nissen said, he was unaware of the Police Officer Bill of Rights, which provides a certain level of protection for officers during investigations and personnel matters.

The original link where that story was found no longer functions, and therefore this copy is made for archival and educational purposes. Here is another source for the news as well:


So from these two cases alone (and many many more which I could have referenced) we see a pattern of not only police brutality, but extreme violence towards women. Meanwhile, the rest of society is held to a much different standard when it comes to inter-gender violence. In this video, we will even see a cop interviewed, basically saying that it's okay for women to hit men, but not the other way around. And yet police themselves are not held to this gender-biased standard, much less any civil standard of conduct at all in brutality cases.

Where is the outrage? Where it the justice?

So we see that gender-bias is a powerful dynamic in our society today when we see violence. A "women are always right" mentality, or "woman are always the victim." Time and time again this is played out in homes and courtrooms across the nation. Criminal courts, family courts, divorce courts. And despite all of this, there is a more powerful dynamic. That the police are above the law, and beyond reproach. While the average woman beater is loathed on almost the same level as a child molester, the police are excused from any such scrutiny or judgement.

Do you think that a man who would smash his wife's face into the side of her car would get away with a simple battery charge? Even if he had a genuine reason, like perhaps trying to stop a drunk and belligerent wife from going and and crashing her car. Or even if it was she who attacked him and was clearly the aggressor, as in the last video above, would a man be excused for defending himself? Or do you think that if police showed up at a home where a woman was laying in a pool of blood on the floor, and the man said "she fell," do you think he would get away with no punishment of any kind? Of course not, and yet police are given a pass for such violence.

Double-standards wrapped in more double-standards. This is not the land of the free, this is the land of hypocrisy.

EDIT to add:

Also check out this story, where male deputies strip a woman naked, after calling for help because she was beat up by her cousin. They wound up knocking her teeth out on the edge of the metal bunk. 

Woman Brutally Stripped Naked by Male Deputies On Camera



Video Depicts Wannabe Thug Firing Gun Randomly Out of Car Window

The timing for this video to come out seems awfully suspicious, given the events of the past few weeks and all of the feverish anti-gun rhetoric that has come along with it. But having said that, even if this were staged propaganda, it is all too real. A word of caution, this is probably the most profound display of ignorance you have ever seen on this webpage, or even on YouTube. Enjoy the stupid, it burns.

Now let the shock wear off a little bit, and let's take a little closer look at what we just saw.Well, let's start with what we didn't see. We didn't actually see the shot. We heard it, but the camera veers away just in time for the report. Which is, of course, very good for the defense now that his has become a criminal matter. The sound might have been overlaid for one thing. For another, we don't get a look at where the projectile was likely to have struck. Which means that this idiot was very lucky that the camera veered away just at that point, of he planned it that way. Which of course, would also show that he is more intelligent than we might take him for. There is also the possibility that a blank round was used.

Now some of these observations also leave open the possibility, to reiterate, that this is purely staged propaganda against gun-ownership.The story first appeared in the Huffington Post. An excellent publication, but one that is undoubtedly left-wing as well with a vested interest in vilifying guns. Admittedly though, such a conspiracy would have to go beyond just a simple video, as 23-year old Ronnie Wynn is now facing a whole slew of other charges, many that are unrelated to this video. 

It is reported that police discovered that video on his Facebook page during the course of their investigation after he was arrested for crashing a stolen car. Accorging to the HufPo link above:
While in jail, Wynn was also accused of residential burglary, second-degree theft, two counts of theft of a firearm, three counts of trafficking stolen property, forgery, second-degree identity theft, financial fraud and three counts of unlawful possession of a firearm in connection with an unrelated case.
So while it is possible that this entire story is purely a media fabrication, we have to take it at face-value. And really, even if it were made up, we all know there are punk clown wannabe thugs out there that are indeed just this flippin' stupid. Which is why the left-wing anti-gunners have come out to use this video as a rallying cry and "perfect" example of why guns should be illegal in America.

They conveniently overlook, however, the real and continuing danger displayed in that video. While the gunfire was indeed shocking, even revolting, that is not the only wanton display of potentially deadly recklessness. What I am speaking of now, is his reckless driving through a suburban neighborhood. That car he was driving was every bit as deadly as the gun in his lap. He could have run over some little kid on a bicycle, a pedestrian crossing the street, spun out into someone's living room, or even just crashed into another car.

So let us imagine that scenario for a moment. Imagine you wind up in a serious collision with this wannabe tough-guy showing off for his little 'hood rat. How much provocation do you think he would need to shoot you the minute you got our of your car, or confronted him, or tried to stop him from fleeing? Would you rather come across a lunatic like that while you were unarmed, or armed yourself, with your own legally owned firearm?

While the typical left-winger might rely on the police to be there to help them, take note too that this clown drove right past a police cruiser, who did nothing to protect all the left-wingers out there from this menace in their midst that day. Indeed, even the police officer himself was a potential target, as the punk declares he "should have popped" the officer. The difference between an unarmed civilian though, and the police officer, was that the officer was armed. If little Ronnie had decided to bust a shot, the cop would have unleashed a hell-storm of lead, with more skill and precision than little Ronnie could ever imagine. But it doesn't take just a police officer to be the counterpoint to a threat like this. Any American has the right to defend themselves, with a firearm, in a situation like that. There are many out there who want to take away your right to defend yourself though. Would you rather have the same power as the police officer to defend yourself if you were to be shot at, or would you rather wait ten minutes for the police officer to show up? Maybe to find you and your whole family executed in your own car, defenseless, against this petty thug who is just itching to kill someone for no reason at all.

Of course, there are those who will say that if guns were illegal, this kid would not have gotten his hands on the stolen guns portrayed in that video. But keep in mind a few key points here. The guns were in fact, stolen. Even if guns were outlawed, they would still be around. Police would have them, certain specialists would still have them, certain collectors would still have them. In other words, there would still be guns out there for a degenerate like this to go out and steal, while the average citizen can no longer legally purchase a gun to defend themselves against this loser.

But more importantly, he doesn't even need a gun. As pointed out above, the way he was driving that car was every bit as dangerous as firing a gunshot. Not to mention that he could get his hands on knives, explosives, even household chemicals, and you would still be unarmed in this left-wing utopian vision of a perfect world.

Here is another video that shows what sort of degenerate animal we are dealing with here. If you were to come across this scum, would you rather be armed with a gun, or a cellphone?

"The best we can hope for concerning the people at large is that they be properly armed." (Alexander Hamilton, The Federalist Papers at 184-8)

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