Video Depicts Wannabe Thug Firing Gun Randomly Out of Car Window

The timing for this video to come out seems awfully suspicious, given the events of the past few weeks and all of the feverish anti-gun rhetoric that has come along with it. But having said that, even if this were staged propaganda, it is all too real. A word of caution, this is probably the most profound display of ignorance you have ever seen on this webpage, or even on YouTube. Enjoy the stupid, it burns.

Now let the shock wear off a little bit, and let's take a little closer look at what we just saw.Well, let's start with what we didn't see. We didn't actually see the shot. We heard it, but the camera veers away just in time for the report. Which is, of course, very good for the defense now that his has become a criminal matter. The sound might have been overlaid for one thing. For another, we don't get a look at where the projectile was likely to have struck. Which means that this idiot was very lucky that the camera veered away just at that point, of he planned it that way. Which of course, would also show that he is more intelligent than we might take him for. There is also the possibility that a blank round was used.

Now some of these observations also leave open the possibility, to reiterate, that this is purely staged propaganda against gun-ownership.The story first appeared in the Huffington Post. An excellent publication, but one that is undoubtedly left-wing as well with a vested interest in vilifying guns. Admittedly though, such a conspiracy would have to go beyond just a simple video, as 23-year old Ronnie Wynn is now facing a whole slew of other charges, many that are unrelated to this video. 

It is reported that police discovered that video on his Facebook page during the course of their investigation after he was arrested for crashing a stolen car. Accorging to the HufPo link above:
While in jail, Wynn was also accused of residential burglary, second-degree theft, two counts of theft of a firearm, three counts of trafficking stolen property, forgery, second-degree identity theft, financial fraud and three counts of unlawful possession of a firearm in connection with an unrelated case.
So while it is possible that this entire story is purely a media fabrication, we have to take it at face-value. And really, even if it were made up, we all know there are punk clown wannabe thugs out there that are indeed just this flippin' stupid. Which is why the left-wing anti-gunners have come out to use this video as a rallying cry and "perfect" example of why guns should be illegal in America.

They conveniently overlook, however, the real and continuing danger displayed in that video. While the gunfire was indeed shocking, even revolting, that is not the only wanton display of potentially deadly recklessness. What I am speaking of now, is his reckless driving through a suburban neighborhood. That car he was driving was every bit as deadly as the gun in his lap. He could have run over some little kid on a bicycle, a pedestrian crossing the street, spun out into someone's living room, or even just crashed into another car.

So let us imagine that scenario for a moment. Imagine you wind up in a serious collision with this wannabe tough-guy showing off for his little 'hood rat. How much provocation do you think he would need to shoot you the minute you got our of your car, or confronted him, or tried to stop him from fleeing? Would you rather come across a lunatic like that while you were unarmed, or armed yourself, with your own legally owned firearm?

While the typical left-winger might rely on the police to be there to help them, take note too that this clown drove right past a police cruiser, who did nothing to protect all the left-wingers out there from this menace in their midst that day. Indeed, even the police officer himself was a potential target, as the punk declares he "should have popped" the officer. The difference between an unarmed civilian though, and the police officer, was that the officer was armed. If little Ronnie had decided to bust a shot, the cop would have unleashed a hell-storm of lead, with more skill and precision than little Ronnie could ever imagine. But it doesn't take just a police officer to be the counterpoint to a threat like this. Any American has the right to defend themselves, with a firearm, in a situation like that. There are many out there who want to take away your right to defend yourself though. Would you rather have the same power as the police officer to defend yourself if you were to be shot at, or would you rather wait ten minutes for the police officer to show up? Maybe to find you and your whole family executed in your own car, defenseless, against this petty thug who is just itching to kill someone for no reason at all.

Of course, there are those who will say that if guns were illegal, this kid would not have gotten his hands on the stolen guns portrayed in that video. But keep in mind a few key points here. The guns were in fact, stolen. Even if guns were outlawed, they would still be around. Police would have them, certain specialists would still have them, certain collectors would still have them. In other words, there would still be guns out there for a degenerate like this to go out and steal, while the average citizen can no longer legally purchase a gun to defend themselves against this loser.

But more importantly, he doesn't even need a gun. As pointed out above, the way he was driving that car was every bit as dangerous as firing a gunshot. Not to mention that he could get his hands on knives, explosives, even household chemicals, and you would still be unarmed in this left-wing utopian vision of a perfect world.

Here is another video that shows what sort of degenerate animal we are dealing with here. If you were to come across this scum, would you rather be armed with a gun, or a cellphone?

"The best we can hope for concerning the people at large is that they be properly armed." (Alexander Hamilton, The Federalist Papers at 184-8)

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