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Really, it's not so cool. It's legal, but really, been there, leave it alone. Dark dimension my friends.


Terrorists Killed 8 Americans Last Year (29 Dead Struck by Lightning)

I think maybe now that Bin Laden is dead, we should look for Zeus...

MA Top Court Says You Must Pay Even if Not Guilty

Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Approves Charging Innocent Ticket Recipients

Motorists issued a traffic ticket in Massachusetts will have to pay money to the state whether or not they committed the alleged crime. According to a state supreme court ruling handed down yesterday, fees are to be imposed even on those found completely innocent. The high court saw no injustice in collecting $70 from Ralph C. Sullivan after he successfully fought a $100 ticket for failure to stay within a marked lane.

Bay State drivers given speeding tickets and other moving violations have twenty days either to pay up or make a non-refundable $20 payment to appeal to a clerk-magistrate. After that, further challenge to a district court judge can be had for a non-refundable payment of $50. Sullivan argued that motorists were being forced to pay “fees” not assessed on other types of violations, including drug possession. He argued this was a violation of the Constitution’s Equal Protection clause, but the high court justices found this to be reasonable.


I always hear the jackboot-sniffers bitch about how driving is a privilege, not a right. Well, you're gonna have to pay a lot more cash for that right now you dumbasses.

In essence, what this ruling does is assures that a traffic cop will be able to generate revenue for the courts by issuing as many tickets as possible, to anyone, for any reason, whether or not you actually committed the crime. Doing 40 in a 40, the cop can still write you a speeding ticket, not even show up for court, but you will still have to fork over $70. Well, $70 for now anyway. Here in NY state the court fee is generally $85 but can vary by offense too.

I am not going to bother going off on a whole tangent about the Constitutional right to drive here, but is seems clear enough that this is blatant highway robbery by the state revenuers called police.

Check out these links to read more about your RIGHT to drive:




NJ Cop Breaks Silence About 9/11 Arrest of Israelis

9-11 Cop Breaks Silence

The New Jersey police officer responsible for capturing five Israelis who filmed and celebrated while the World Trade Center towers burned has broken his silence, agreeing to a Sept. 16 exclusive interview with AMERICAN FREE PRESS.

See the article here:


I don't necessarily buy into the theory that Israel was behind 9/11, but I don't rule out the possibility either. Here is a little background in the story...

The Five Dancing Israelis Arrested On 9-11

Facebook Goes a Step Too Far?

For years, users have been concerned about privacy issues when dealing with Facebook. Everything from anyone who has "friended" you being able to see your info whether you accepted the friendship request or not, to Facebook deliberately making it difficult to understand exactly what your security and privacy options are, to Facebook violating their own policies themselves.

Now we are seeing the face of Facebook's newest evolution. More invasive and manipulative than ever. Now they will dictate to you what you are interested in, use peer pressure to solicit you on behalf of their sponsors, and more. All of these features are being billed as making it easier to use Facebook and to have a more fulfilling experience.

I can tell you personally that I have found the newest features annoying at best, and have seen a number of people close their accounts already for that reason alone. Has Facebook moved a bridge too far now, trying to reinvent the wheel, that they will now see their users jump ship in favor of Twitter, Google Plus, or other social media platforms?

I for one, am on the verge of closing my own account as well. Not only because I find the new interface clumsy, presumptuous, and about as uncomfortable as wet underwear, but because I see something much more insidious going on here. In the past, when I have voiced concerns about privacy and of "Big Brother" using Facebook as a massive datamine to keep tabs on as many people as possible, I have generally been laughed at and labeled as a paranoid Conspiracy Theorist. Clearly this information is being gathered, and is being shared with Facebook partners, so there is nothing that I have said which is un-true. All sort of information is in fact being collected on you and is being shared with their "partners" whether it be advertising companies, or law enforcement, and no doubt other organizations behind the scenes.

The real debate at this point seems to come with the whether or not privacy is even necessary. I had one friend actually un-friend me over the debate, when I tried to warn her of the perils of sharing too much info on Facebook. And I wasn't talking about what Facebook might use the info for either, but what other people like scam artists or burglars might glean from a person's status updates and so forth. How many of you folks out there use your baby's date of birth as a internet banking password, for example? How many of you tell all your most shady friends on Facebook, that you are not home, but miles away at the mall with an automatic location update sent through your phone that even tells who you are at the mall with? Yet my former "friend" saw no need for privacy and willingly shared all sorts of information openly on Facebook. Yet most of my friends who have jumped ship so far, have not done so out of privacy concerns, but simply out of the clumsiness of the new interface. Facebook is getting more information from you, while making it more difficult for you to access information other than what they shove in your face.

The "nothing to hide, nothing to fear" mindset has been a favorite philosophy of law-enforcement for years, particularly in the post-9/11 era, as the Orwellian police state comes into clear focus around us. And now, we have media, social, and direct peer pressure trying to convince us that privacy is not necessary, and even dangerous to society. My friends, that is downright Communist to give up your rights and your privacy for the benefit of the collective. It is also downright dangerous to the security of anything you own, to your freedom, even to your actual life itself. Okay, okay, maybe I am being paranoid. Read this though, and then tell me what you think...

1. You’re going to get a Timeline — a scrapbook of your life. In a complete overhaul of its ever-evolving profile page, Facebook is introducing Timeline. This is a stream of information about you — the photos you’ve posted, all your status updates, the apps you’ve used, even the places you’ve visited on a world map — that scrolls all the way back to your birth. It encourages you to post more stuff about your past, such as baby pictures, using Facebook as a scrapbook.

The further back in Timeline you go, the more Facebook will compress the information so that you’re only seeing the most interesting parts of your history. You can customize this by clicking on a star next to a status, say, or enlarging a picture.

Awww, isn't that cute? At the push of a button, someone will be able to know your entire life history, with the most important factors already sorted for them. Oh, but privacy really isn't all that important right? What could they possibly use that information for? If I have nothing to hide, I have nothing to fear? Okay, well let's try this one on for size, and see what the "upshot" is...

5. You can watch TV and movies, listen to music, and read news with your friends — all within Facebook. Starting today, thanks to a whole bunch of partnerships, there are a lot more things you can do without ever having to leave Facebook. You can watch a show on Hulu, listen to a song on Spotify, or check out a story on Yahoo News (or Mashable, via the Washington Post‘s Social Read app). The ticker will tell you what your friends are watching, listening to or reading, allowing you to share the experience with them by clicking on a link.

The upshot: a brand-new kind of media-based peer pressure. On stage, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings — a launch partner — revealed that he had only just decided to watch Breaking Bad because Facebook’s Ticker told him a colleague was watching it. Netflix’s own algorithm had been recommending the show to him for years, but that was never reason enough for Hastings.

Now let that all sink in here for a minute. Information being collected on you, is being shared with Netflix. So what is to stop Facebook from sharing information with your insurance company, or a potential employer? Nothing to hide nothing to fear, right? Well also notice too that the information is being analyzed and coded into algorithms. Analyzing data about you that you don't even know about yourself. Sure that can be used to predict a movie you might be interested in, but it can also be used to predict if you might be a problem employee, or a risky driver, or a potential terrorist even if you don't know it yet. After all, the final punch in that paragraph was not what data they are collecting or who they are sharing it with, but how they may be using it to effectively brainwash you into doing exactly what they want you to do. In that case, through peer pressure. Is it really so much of a jump to think that they might use some other algorithms to find out exactly what buttons to push in you that might just make you a bona fide Manchurian Candidate, or to keep you home from that important vote, to convince you that this article I have written here is nothing but the ramblings of a lunatic?

This isn't imaginary, this isn't paranoia, this is what they are flat out telling us they are doing.The only question is, will this new move backfire?

The quotes in this article were taken from the piece posted at the following link, where much more info about the changes is available:


If you have an opinion or comment that you would like to share, please come on over to the Echo Studio discussion forums:

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Time Travel Appears to Have Been Accomplished by Scientists

Faster than light particles found, claim scientists

Particle physicists detect neutrinos travelling faster than light, a feat forbidden by Einstein's theory of special relativity

It is a concept that forms a cornerstone of our understanding of the universe and the concept of time – nothing can travel faster than the speed of light.

But now it seems that researchers working in one of the world's largest physics laboratories, under a mountain in central Italy, have recorded particles travelling at a speed that is supposedly forbidden by Einstein's theory of special relativity.

Scientists at the Gran Sasso facility will unveil evidence on Friday that raises the troubling possibility of a way to send information back in time, blurring the line between past and present and wreaking havoc with the fundamental principle of cause and effect.

They will announce the result at a special seminar at Cern – the European particle physics laboratory – timed to coincide with the publication of a research paper describing the experiment.

Researchers on the Opera (Oscillation Project with Emulsion-tRacking Apparatus) experiment recorded the arrival times of ghostly subatomic particles called neutrinos sent from Cern on a 730km journey through the Earth to the Gran Sasso lab.

The trip would take a beam of light 2.4 milliseconds to complete, but after running the experiment for three years and timing the arrival of 15,000 neutrinos, the scientists discovered that the particles arrived at Gran Sasso sixty billionths of a second earlier, with an error margin of plus or minus 10 billionths of a second.

The measurement amounts to the neutrinos travelling faster than the speed of light by a fraction of 20 parts per million. Since the speed of light is 299,792,458 metres per second, the neutrinos were evidently travelling at 299,798,454 metres per second.

"Cause cannot come after effect and that is absolutely fundamental to our construction of the physical universe. If we do not have causality, we are buggered." ~Subir Sarkar, head of particle theory at Oxford University

Full article at link:


So the real question now is, did it really take 1.21 gigawatts?


EBT 1778 (Eat Better Today)

While poverty levels rise to the highest point in the history of our nation, the propaganda machine is out in full force to enforce stereotypes that people who can't afford to eat are lazy slobs abusing the system.

Poverty Level at Highest Point Ever Recorded


You will also notice in that video above that the food he eats are the foods that will cause you to get sick and fuckin DIE!!!

"Let Them Eat Cake!"


92% of Afghans Never Heard of 9/11

Seems almost laughable at first. Like "yeah right, who in the world never heard of 9/11?"

And while they may think it is a joke that we went to the Moon, think of what we, right here in America, are ignorant of...

Are Energy Drinks Satanic Elixirs?

We have heard the urban myth that Red Bull is made from bull piss. It's not exactly a myth, it does contain taurine which is an extract of bull urine. But hey, a lot of the things we eat and drink we probably don't really want to know more about than what it looks or tastes like on our plate or in a glass.

Then again, the more processed the stuff is, the more unhealthy it is too. Artificial chemicals are in our food, and most, if not all of our food at this point, is exposed to industrial processes which can turn even organic matter into substances which are dangerous to ingest. At the very least, many of the foods we eat today are stripped of nutrition, so we eat empty calories, and get fat, but we are actually starving to death on a nutritional level at the same time. Yes, you read that right, fat Americans are actually starving to death. If you don't believe me, maybe you should take the time to read this article.

Ever wonder why Americans seem to be so tired all the time, in the past decade or two? It's because the food isn't really food anymore. It's stripped down to maximize profits, give the illusion of food so it doesn't look like Americans are starving to death, and then of course we wonder why we are sick all the time now facing exploding healthcare costs, which of course means even more profits for the corporations.

"Everyone is stuffing themselves with hot pockets and cheeseburgers on the go until they finally burn out on the energy drinks that have reeked havoc on their system but kept them running into overtime while starvation set in, like burning high octane in a motor without any oil left in it." -M. Van Wagner

So, back to the energy drinks. People are tired all the time now from poor health and poor diet, but rather then actually fix the problem, the corporations introduce the quick-fix, the band-aid for the bullet hole so to speak. Energy drinks. Short term solution that actually makes things worse in the long run. But in the short-term it will maximize the productivity of the sheeple artificially, while in the long term making them sick and shortening the lifespan of the average American.

Of course, coffee has been around for years so is there really a plot to burn out people's life systems on energy drinks? Well, we know that even coffee has taken on a sort of new life in recent years. No longer the post of mud sitting in the corner of the teacher's lounge, oh no. Today is has become a thriving element of popular culture. All sort of flavorings and processes and branding to get people drinking the stuff just to keep up with the Jones' so to speak. To be like their peers. Of course, we have really seen that take off the same way with energy drinks, particularly among young people. So much so that kids are now mixing it with alcohol and dieing  of heart attacks. Companies were even selling energy drinks pre-mixed with alcohol, though that has been outlawed in some states now.

Okay Captain, let's cut to the chase here. Maybe the stuff isn't all that good for you, but it's a free country. Where's your proof that these are "Satanic Elixirs?"

Okay, maybe not "proof" in a word, but given everything I just pointed out above, this video here is a real thinker...

But wait, maybe you need something a little more "in your face" so to speak. Notice that the monster label uses a cute little crucifix for an "o." But what's above that, what is that symbol hanging out above the cross? Some slash marks?


Speech by Founder of John Birch Society

The "myth" of the New World Order is not a fad, it is not something made up by conspiracy theorists in recent years. This video is only about 9 minutes long, but is a historical look at the agenda and tools of the NWO.

'Don't f**k wit da witch!'

We have all heard the myths over the years about how demons possess famous people, especially people in the entertainment industry. This conspiracy theory of sorts is probably older than rock n roll. Lately though, it has not just been Satanism, or demonic possession that seems to influence recording artists. But they also seem to almost openly embrace the symbol of the so-called Illuminati and the New World Order. There are a lot of articles and information out there on the subject, but I just stumbled across this one and decided to share. It started out a little hokey, not the best production value, but it has footage I have never seen before and gets downright scary.

A Brief Overview About Forms of Government (VIDEO)

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