Rage vs. Rage in Zimmerman Verdict

Let me tell you why I am furious over the Zimmerman verdict. Not because of the verdict, but because of the ignorant response. We have a much bigger fight to fight my friends, and we are being undermined by this sideshow designed to divide us, the real people. 

It seems clear enough that the media, the powers-that-be and the willfully ignorant all have one thing in common. They want a race war. Keeping America divided along racial and political lines prevents us from coming together and directing our rage toward the real culprits behind the true injustices in our society.

Zimmerman is not a racist, this trial should have never had anything to do with race whatsoever. Zimmerman is not white, he is a Latino with black heritage, black foster siblings, dated a black woman in high school, had a black business partner, voted for Obama, and even went to jail sticking up for a black homeless man being beat up by police. Yet somehow the focus of this trial has swirled around race, rather then the facts of the case.

Whatever you choose to believe about the case, whether he was justified in shooting Trayvon Martin, whether you believe he was actually attacked, whether you believe the prosecution failed to make their case or not, this all boils down to one relatively minor incident in the overall scheme of things in this country. This is not to belittle the suffering of Travon's family and friends, or even the hardships of those in the Zimmerman camp, but really, at the end of the day, this is one of thousands upon thousands of incidents that happen in this country every day. There is nothing particularly outstanding about this case, which is why the race-card has been pulled, to make it out to be much more than it ever really was.

Nevertheless, there is outrage over the incident and the acquittal, as misplaced as it really is. The country has never been more divided. But I ask you, where is the rage when it comes to the real issues? The issues that set precedent for us all? Where is the outrage against clear, unequivocal miscarriages of justices and government abuse of we the people? We the people, of all color and political ideals.

Where is the outrage over the fact that Federal authorities stormed a whole town, and ripped American citizens out of their own homes at gunpoint, house to house, like the Gestapo, without a warrant? Personally, I think this is certainly more deserving of rioting in the streets.

Families Ripped From Homes By Police In Watertown (VIDEO)

And where is the outrage over the fact that police and the Feds opened fire with machine guns on an unarmed man hiding in a boat? A man they didn't even know whether or not was the actual Boston bombing suspect or not, and certainly had never proven was actually guilty of anything. To this day, the only evidence we have seen against the Tsarnev brothers is a pic of them walking with a backpack on, just like thousands of other people there that day. But even if there was clear evidence against him, it was imperative that he be taken alive for questioning, in the interest of public safety, to make sure there was not a larger plot and to smoke out other potential conspirators. And whether or not he is actually guilty of anything, the police still have no right to murder an unarmed man, no matter what he has done or is accused of. So where is the outrage over that?

Bombing Suspect Was Not Armed

Not to mention all of the other irregularities and subterfuge surrounding the Boston Marathon bombing.

What happened out there in Boston, that is the real battleground for our rights, as a nation, and no one is rioting, no one is protesting, everyone is just following the government version of the story without question like good little sheeple and condoning the attempted murder of an unarmed suspect. That unarmed suspect could have just as easily been Trayvon Martin after all.

We all went along with the 9/11 story too, at first. And as the years have rolled by, more and more of us have woken up to the fact that we were lied to. Maybe we don't know exactly what happened that day, but we know damn well we were lied to. And in the end, all we wound up with was a big fat tax debt for endless war, the liberty crushing Patriot Act, and Federal agents molesting children in airports.

Oh, and speaking of molesting children...

FBI Caught Pants Down Distributing Kiddi Porn

Cop Who Molested Daughters Gets No Prison

Oh, and speaking of terrorism...

Is the FBI a Terrorist Organization?

But we don't even have to look at big massive (and very real) conspiracies like this to be outraged. Where is the outrage over the rights of the few, the patriots, the people like you and I of every race, creed, religion and background?

Where was the outrage when this man faced decades in prison for exercising freedom of speech and freedom of the press to reveal police brutality against a child in a school? Where were the protests in the streets across the country when this man was convicted, setting a precedent that takes away the free speech of all of us, black, white, and across the board?

Freedom of Press Now a Felony In America

Where was the outrage when virtually the entire northeast, and anywhere within a hundred miles of a US border were delcared a Constitution-Free zone?

America's Own Iron Curtain: DHS Suspends Constitution at Borders

Where was the outrage when we learned that 34,000 people had been wrongfully convicted after being set up by just one single corrupt lab technician?

Crime Lab Scandal Could Put 34k Felons Back On the Streets

And of course the drug scandals with cops are incessant. In my home county alone there have been two high profile cases recently.

Cocaine Cop Gets 3/1 Years

Cop's Arrest Jeopardizes Drug Cases

I know, I know, these cases are serious enough to cause riots in the streets of every major city because of what they say about how our government treats us, but Trayvon is dead. At least those people who were ripped out of their homes in Watertown are still alive. And the little kids who were killed in those kiddi porn snuff films distributed by the FBI, well, the FBI didn't actually kill them, I guess.

Okay, fair enough. But what about when the FBI is complicit in plans to assassinate American protesters?

FBI Hides Identity of Conspirators in Plot to Assassinate Protest Leaders

Or when the cops plan to mass murder eachother?

3 Cops Caught Talking About Killing Fellow Officers Fired Without Charges

Or when cops shoot a man sleeping in his own bed?

Tracy Ingle - 18 Years In Prison

Or what about when cops get medals for shooting up the wrong family during Christmas?

SWAT Get Medals After Shooting At Innocent Family in Botched Raid (VIDEO)

Or what about when cops do actually kill people, in their cars, in their own homes, in front of loved ones without proper cause?

Cop Made Chief After Negligent Homicide Conviction

After two tours in Iraq, Marine murdered at home by SWAT in front of family

In this Florida case, a man was shot dead in front of his girlfriend after he opened the door with a gun in hand, defending his home against unannounced intruders. Police freely admit that they did not identify themselves as they tried to pound in the door to the residence.

Cops Deny Negligence After Killing Innocent Man in His Home

And in this case, police shot a man dead after an unannounced entry on a no-knock warrant for a person they admit they knew full well that she no longer resided at that location.

Man Shot Dead By Home Invaders With Badges (VIDEO)

And in this case, a tourist was tortured to death in a Florida jail.

Police Torture Tourist to Death, No One Charged

Then again, sometimes there are fates worse than death.

Man Held In Solitary For Two Years Without Trial

And sometimes rape does not require penetration. In this case, a schoolteacher was brutalized and stripped naked by jail guards after she called 911 for help after being the victim of a violent assault at her home.

Woman Brutally Stripped Naked by Male Deputies

Oh wait, I get it. A lot of these cases show white people being brutalized by the system. That doesn't count, in some books. And even though Zimmerman was neither white, nor racist, we are gonna spin it that way.

Don't believe the hype people. We are not eachother's enemy.

I am a white dude that grew up listening to rap and hip-hop, in a deliberate effort to break down lines of racial hatred. I still love my ol' school jams, oxtail, and friends with soul.

Do the cops racially profile? Yeah, probably, to some extent. There is moron in any bunch. But I will tell you this much. I have been that 17-year old troublemaker out there on the block that got profiled for my urban apparel. It's not the color of your skin, it's the uniform you wear.

Zimmerman himself told 911 he wasn't sure if the "suspect" was black or not. He wasn't profiling his skin, he was suspicious of his movements, that he was out of place. Zimmerman was "profiling" mode of dress and walk, body language, not melanin. 

As I said, I am a white dude. But when I dress and step like I am a "f*ck the system" sort of dude, it should come as no surprise that people take notice their is a thug mofo in their midst. You don't want to be profiled? Dress like a herb and don't step like a G.

In other words, don't drive around with a "funk da police" bumper sticker and then act like you were singled out for no reason.

We have enough troubles with very real harassment by police, with very real violations of liberty, without making it a race issue.

In short, where is your rage, your anger, your protests, your riots, over the very real issues that keep us all down? It's not black vs. white. It's liberty vs. fascism.

I could share hundreds, thousands of instances of corruption and injustice. Why are we not protesting, rioting, revolting? Why are we so divided over one case of violence that is so ambiguous?

Don't believe the hate. 

Some of the articles I have already shared are duplicated in this article, but there are videos and links that were not included here, that were shown in the following piece:

Are American Cops Out of Control?

Also see almost 400 articles about the police state in America here:


Also see the feed of police corroution that boils to the surface on a daily basis.

Police Misconduct Daily Feed

Also see this blue jeans outfit of badasses keeping the fires of liberty burning at:



Gunplay in Florida

While I happen to agree with the Zimmerman verdict, it certainly does seems like Florida has some serious problems in their justice system. 

Take the following case for example.

Fla. mom gets 20 years for firing warning shots

A woman has just been sent to prison for 20 years. A mandatory sentence under Florida law apparently, for a conviction of attempted murder (with a firearm). What I don't understand is how she was convicted in the first place. Now understand first, that Florida is a "stand your ground" state, which means that you are not obligated to retreat in the face of a threat. This is different than here in my home state of NY, where you are not allowed to use deadly force against an attacker if it is possible for you to retreat out of the way of danger. But even in New York, you are allowed to use deadly force in your own home against an intruder under many circumstances.

This woman was in her own home, and shooting at her estranged husband whom she claimed had done violence to her in the past. She also had a court order of protection against him, so clearly he was indeed an intruder in her home. Unless of course they could somehow prove that she lured him there, but I did not see where any such evidence was presented.

This is what the law reads in my home state of NY:

S 35.15 Justification; use of physical force in defense of a person.
2.  A  person  may  not  use deadly physical force upon another person
under circumstances specified in subdivision one unless:
  (a) The actor reasonably believes that such other person is  using  or
about  to  use  deadly  physical  force. Even in such case, however, the
actor may not use deadly physical force if he or  she  knows  that  with
complete  personal safety, to oneself and others he or she may avoid the
necessity of so doing by retreating; except that the actor is  under  no
duty to retreat if he or she is:
  (i) in his or her dwelling and not the initial aggressor; or
  (ii) a police officer or peace officer or a person assisting a police
officer or a peace officer at the latter`s direction, acting pursuant to
section 35.30; or
  (b) He or she reasonably believes that such other person is committing
or attempting to commit a kidnapping, forcible rape,  forcible  criminal
sexual act or robbery; or
  (c) He or she reasonably believes that such other person is committing
or  attempting to commit a burglary, and the circumstances are such that
the use of deadly physical force is authorized by subdivision three of
section 35.20.

Again, this is not Florida law, but I have trouble believing that that in a "stand your ground" state the law could be any less favorable to a person defending themselves in their own home. Then again, I could be wrong I suppose, as there have been other strange exceptions in the past. Yet again in this case too we see the mandatory sentencing rule being an outright miscarriage of justice.

Second Amendment vs Mandatory Sentencing

In a nutshell, that man was sent to prison for 20 years for firing a gun at a teenager who was in his home, beating on his daughter, destroying the home, and then lunged at him.


I have just gotten new info that upsets the apple cart here. Just as this article was going to press, I found out that the women went out to her car, and then went back inside to shoot at her husband. This made her the aggressor. In some instances she might have still been able to use deadly force, at least under NYS law, if she could prove that he was attempting to commit arson, as an example, but that does not appear to be the case in this instance. 

I will go ahead and publish this article anyway, as an example of how one key bit of evidence can throw a monkey-wrench in the works and completely change the profile of a case. This is also a great example of how the media plays to people's emotions and manipulates the facts. 

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