Dead Bang: Man Shot Dead By Home Invaders With Badges (VIDEO)

Police got a judge to sign off on a no-knock warrant to go after a woman who had been living in this man's house. Despite the fact that the woman had moved out, and they knew she had moved out, they chose to proceed with the raid anyway. This is how it went down.

((( WARNING: This video shows a man being shot to death in his own home by armed invaders. )))

Unfortunatley, this video has is being actively blocked by unkown parties. You may view it through the link below for a short time. Please download a copy before it is gone.


The following article has a more in-depth analyses:

Police Shoot Man 3 Times Immediately Upon Entering House: Hayden’s Note; the Failed War on Drugs

A joint drug task force from Weber and Morgan county, Utah, executed a search warrant on Todd Blair’s house on September 16th, 2010, resulting in the shooting death of Blair only two seconds after entry was made.

The “Weber-Morgan Strike Force” initiated an investigation into Blair’s residence with a focus on his roommate, Melanie Chournos. Police stated in their application for warrant that Ms. Chournos would likely destroy evidence upon their arrival, and requested a night time, “no-knock warrant” for the squirrely female.  However, prior to the raid, law enforcement became aware of the fact Blair’s roommate had moved out of the house.  With warrant already in hand, or rather, still back at the police station, the Strike Force decided to conduct the night time raid anyway.

Friends and family of Mr. Blair plainly admit to his drug usage, but said he was a drug addict and not a drug dealer.

After the SWAT team hit the door three times in an attempt to open it, and as the video clearly shows, Mr. Blair appears in a far hallway, shirtless, and with a golf club in his hands.

Certainly, any reasonable person would arm themselves at the sound of their front door being kicked in for fear of becoming a victim of robbery, or worse.
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