Sweden's Worst Serial Killer Probably Not Guilty

In the early 1990's Sture Bergwell confessed to over 30 unsolved murders stretching back to 1964. Rape, slaughter, and cannibalism of victims including children, were all on the resume he provided to authorities. But now it appears that the confessions were nothing more than a drug-induced bid for attention.

Five convictions have already been overturned, and retrials have been ordered in other cases.

This case is not only a major embarrassment to Swedish authorities but highlights the perils of sending someone to prison, or even executing a person, based on circumstantial evidence.

Claude Jones, and Carlos DeLuna are two men who were executed in Texas, and later found to be innocent. But this news certainly never made national headlines. Unlike the case of Scott Petersen, who is was convicted both at trial and in the court of public opinion for the murder of his pregnant wife, on the basis of circumstantial evidence. The same sort of evidence which was used to convict Bergwell.

101 Death-Row Inmates Were Innocent

In the notorious case of accused daughter-killer Casey Anthony, the jury could not find grounds for conviction, to the great dismay of the public who openly called for her murder afterward, despite the acquittal and despite the lack of evidence. It also came to light afterward that the prosecution would have used false evidence to have Anthony executed

Hundreds of imprisoned innocents have had their convictions overturned in recent years, largely due to examination of DNA evidence. But while DNA can be a great tool in exonerating the wrongfully convicted, it is no smoking gun when it comes to proving guilt.

NY looks at 800 rape cases for possible DNA errors

DNA crime fighting under threat after researchers falsify evidence

DNA evidence found at crime scenes can easily be falsified

For the purposes of discussion you can read the story of the Sweish serial killer who wasn't here:

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