"I Do Not Consent!" (VIDEO)

I found this video to be downright creepy, something right out of some dystopian future nightmare, but the future is now. In the twilight over the San Bernadino desert, a helicopter circles overhead. The eeriness begins to settle in, as the helicopter circles closer and closer. It becomes aparrent that this is not some routine patrol now, Big Brother has spied something it does not like. The Matrix has you.

The Sheriff's department helicopter swoops overhead with light beam flashing, and finally drops down for a landing only yards from a woman who was out for a walk collecting rocks. A helmeted pilot jumps from the chopper and approaches the woman, wearing emblems that identify him as law-enforcement.

His only excuse for detaining this woman, interfering with her walk, is that the police were "investigating something." Hardly a shining example of probable cause for what clearly amounts to little more than harassment from the onset of the encounter. He demands her personal info which he then processes through the system. Then, in a blatant violation of the 4th Amendment, he begins to physically search this woman. Essentially, this amounts to a criminal assault. It could also be pointed out that this is a male officer physically groping a female citizen, without cause or consent.

This folks, this is not freedom. This is the epitome of tyranny.

Keep in mind, that while taxpayers are going broke, losing their homes, and even county governments are going bankrupt, the police are operating helicopters at a cost of thousands of dollars per hour to harass a woman out for a walk.

On that note, you may also want to check out this article, which takes a look at one state's hefty tab for special police equipment, and how it is actually used.

Disturbing results of SWAT transparency bill


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