Brown Shooting a Psyop?

It's a funny thing about people who are being brainwashed. They don't know it, and will therefore argue to the death with you that it never happened. Now if you ask someone if they think the media brainwashes Americans, almost anyone would answer yes, absolutely. Yet when you show someone an example of it happening, a psyop, they will tell you that you are nuts. Let's have a look at this case.

It now looks like the Michael Brown shooting has turned out to be another psysop perpetrated by the mainstream media, for the purposes of social conditioning.

The police are out of control in this country, I will not argue that. There are hundreds of cases I can think of off the top of my head that show that. Yet none of those cases sparked the outrage we have seen in the wake of the shooting death of Michael Brown.

For the past several days the dead man has been portrayed in the media in the most positive light, with pictures of him holding babies and so forth. leading most folks to conclude that this might very well have been an outright street execution of an innocent citizen at the hands of a thug cop. Sadly enough, this is quite possible in our so-called land of the free.

But something about this case didn't quite set right with me from the start. The rush to judgement before any of the facts were in for one thing. Just because the police shoot someone, does not necessarily mean that a shooting is not justified. Even in a city or police department where abuses of power have been reported in the past. Then I observed how the case took off like wildfire in the media.

Today, the case has suddenly taken a 180-degree turn. Instead of a picture of a young man holding a baby or looking like your average college student, a photo emerged today of him pointing a pistol at a camera with a wad of cash stuffed in his mouth. Straight thug mode. Of course, one picture doesn't really prove or disprove anything. We all probably have a few stupid pictures out there that wouldn't make us look very good if it happened to wind up splashed by the media spotlight. Just the same though, it really gave me pause today when I saw it, and hooked into that uneasy feeling I had been having about the case from the start.

The real bombshell now though, is the latest report indicating that Brown may have been the perpetrator of a strong-arm robbery which the officer had been responding to. This seriously damages the theory that Brown was just some innocent person caught up in senseless violence by police.

But how does this make it a psyop you ask? Well, look at the net result here.

The media chose to run with the ball so to speak, and hype up this story to national, even international levels. This created a whirlwind of emotions and opinions by Americans. Thousands of people as late as yesterday turned out to clog city streets across the nation to protest the shooting. But today, the story essentially got its legs cut off by the revelation that the supposed victim, was probably a criminal and that the shooting might very well have been justified after all. The net result, is two-fold.

First, there will be the "I told you so" crowd who will use this case as an example from now on, anytime someone points out legitimate instances of abusive authority. What was, for a few days, a very bad PR debacle for the police has suddenly given them a teflon coating for future incidents. From now on whenever someone questions a police shooting, or questions the over-reaching arm of the police-state, there will be those who will simply write it off and say, "yeah, just like the Michael Brown case" and roll their eyes. The case has now quickly undermined the work of genuine activists who have been working for years to bring to light the legitimate concern of frequent abuses of authority by police.

Second, this case will create even further racial division in our country. Blacks will blame whites for not standing by a victim of police brutality, whites will blame blacks of ignorantly supporting thuggishness, and everyone will accuse everyone of being racist. It will wind up just like the Trayvon Martin case, or the OJ case, all over again. The old divide and conquer works every time. And let me just say this on that topic. The powers-that-be need us to stay focused on the racial divide. They don't want us to see that the real problem is an economic one, not a racial one. The elites don't give a crap about anyone that is not in their little club, and they have an army of cops out there to protect their interests, not yours. Those elites can't have blacks and whites coming together in one unified voice, to take back the American dream from the death grip of vampire banking and corporatism.

Now I will probably be accused of being just another woo-woo conspiracy theorist here, saying that this was a psyop. No, I don't think that some secret-agent spook went out there and orchestrated a street shooting. But I do believe that the media has been manipulated in such a way so as to deliberately undermine those who would dare to question authority while sowing even more racial hatred in this country. And who will benefit from that? Not Brown's family, not the people of that city. The powers-that-be are the only winners here.

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The picture shown above which appears to be Brown holding a gun, is NOT actually Brown. Just another example of mainstream media trying to twist the facts.

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