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...In spades. Good run sir.

I know I talk a a lot of shit about the police, but hey, credit where credit is due. They were once people after all, lol.

Prosecution would have used false evidence to execute Casey Anthony

One of the main sticking points by the lynch-mob couch-lawyers that Casey should have been hanged, is the supposed computer search for information on chloroform. During the trial the prosecution claimed that Casey had searched the term 84 times, based on the testimony of their computer expert John Bradley. Now it appears that not only was that information false, but that the prosecution knew that it was false, and never corrected the matter to the jury or shared the revelation with the defense.

This matter is not only a sticking point in the trial-by-media which still continues, but was in fact a primary reason that the prosecution intended to seek a death sentence against Casey. So not only did the prosecution let the jury believe that Casey had searched for chloroform 84 times, but they were going to execute her knowingly based on false evidence.

Was it really false evidence though? It does appear that the term was in fact searched one time from the Anthony home computer. But is that enough for a conviction? Is that enough to execute someone? I can tell you that I have searched chloroform a number of times since this trial, and on at least one occasion before the trial after I saw the movie The Vanishing. We also must consider too, who actually did the search.

Suppose this is why the State Attorney’s office has decided not to seek perjury charges against Cindy Anthony? Casey's mother testified at trial that she put in a search query for chlorophyll, and mistakenly entered chloroform. As anyone who as ever Googled knows, when you begin to spell out a word, it pops up with a list of closely spelled suggestions. One click is all it takes to land you someplace other than where you searching originally, either mistakenly, or because a new topic or term catches your interest in the moment.

When clarifying the error in an interview with the New York Times...

The Google search then led to a Web site, sci-spot.com, that was visited only once, Mr. Bradley added. The Web site offered information on the use of chloroform in the 1800s.

So, in a nutshell, the police used an incompetent programmer to design the software for their invesitgation, the prosecution used false evidence in order to prosecute someone and then did not disclose that fact to the defense when the programmer discovered an error, and were also planning to use that false evidence in order to execute someone. And you really want to give those people MORE power?

Say No To Cayleee's Law

Be sure to check out these two related articles from the big boys of media for more details:

Software Designer Reports Error in Anthony Trial

Casey Anthony Trial Witness John Bradley Backtracks After Blasting Prosecutors

Trooper cuts off motorcycle, biker to face charges

Southeast, NY - A motorcyclist is still alive and in stable condition at Danbury Hospital in Connecticut, after hitting the right side of a New York State Police patrol vehicle, a guardrail, and then being thrown from his bike at high speed. 20-year old Matthew Hillman was rescued from a ditch by firefighters.

News reports indicate that a State Trooper positioned on a center-median in Fishkill, NY clocked the bikes at 100-mph, but was unable to pursue and then radioed ahead to another patrol to intercept the dual menace. That patrol engaged the first bike which passed by, cutting off the approaching second motorcycle, when the crash occurred.

The injured biker will face charges.

Wait, what? What about the Trooper? The Trooper must have known that there were two bikes to be on the lookout for to begin with. Second of all, just because someone is speeding, does not give the police the right to pull out in front of them and cause a wreck. Particularly with a motorcycle, which could easily cause a fatality.

And for that matter, we don't even know if the biker was actually speeding at that point. Okay, so maybe they were clocked at 100-mph in the next county, that is no proof that the biker was speeding when the police-patrol vehicle deliberately collided with him.Hard to imagine anyone actually surviving a 100-mph impact on a bike.

But maybe it was just an accident. Maybe the Trooper didn't actually see the second biker coming down the long stretch of interstate highway, at night, with his headlights on. Maybe the biker really was going so fast the Trooper didn't see him in time before pulling out and cutting him off by accident.

Somehow, I doubt that. I really don't care so much that the biker was running out his machine a little in the middle of the night on an open stretch of highway. I am far more concerned that a State Trooper appears to have tried to kill him because of it.

A cop and his donut

NYPD traffic agent double parks to go buy a donut which carries a fine of $115.00 dollars for the average New Yorker. After returning to his vehicle he issues a parked minivan a ticket before biting into his donut and driving off. Here in New York law enforcement break every law that citizens must obey, here is yet another example.

Thanks again to CopBlock.org for another nice find.


Conspiracy and coverup in case of slain teen?

In a previous article we looked at potent rumors that two police officers may have been involved in the death of Katie Filiberti, who was found dead in a secluded town park on March 19 of this year. One officer is said to have had a relationship with the teen, and two officers submitted to DNA testing.

Today the Poughkeepsie Journal is reporting that the Dutchess County District Attorney's Office released a statement declaring that Hyde Park Police officers are not suspects in the case. Sadly, the article says little else and it appears that the publication is not doing a very good job of gathering or reporting information. There isn't even a quote in the article, much less a link to the actual statement. Which of course then leads us to more questions that should be answered.

If you bother to visit the PoJo article, you will see that they no longer allow public comments on any articles related to the case, supposedly because of "repeated" violations of their terms of service. Perhaps they should hire a better moderator for the online edition comments area, rather then making the unprecedented choice to silence the public voice on the matter. Blanket censorship is hardly the hallmark of journalistic integrity.

Which then leads us now to wonder of course, why has the DCDAO chosen to have the Poughkeepsie Journal speak for them exclusively? Why was the statement not issued to the public, officially, through their own website, rather than exclusively through a for-profit publication? Didn't they learn anything from the mistake of the Hyde Park Police in their mismanagement of public information sharing? Why are we not seeing any actual official statements, only vague reports by publications who's integrity may also be compromised? If there is indeed a coverup, these vague reports can later be revised, or simp0ly written off as misunderstandings, rather than complicity, should the truth ever come out.

The possibility of a coverup is not at all far-fetched, nor is the notion of a conspiracy between agencies and perhaps even the press. The DCDAO has refused to prosecute police officers accused of violent crimes in the past, and is no stranger to corruption. Former DCDAO prosecutor G. Gordon Liddy went on to become the ringleader of the notorious Watergate break in, for example. Not that we even really need to have examples or a track-record of scandal to entertain the possibility that any police agency or prosecutor's office is not immune from misconduct.

Therefore, we must also ask why the DCDAO has chosen to make such a statement in first place? Were the DNA samples given by the two police officers processed that quickly? Much simpler toxicology reports take 6-8 weeks, as was true while the public awaited the results of the Dutchess County Medical Examiner's Office autopsy of the slain teen. Results that the public never got, after the ME was ordered by the DA to remains silent about the case. Officially, the death has not even been ruled a homicide, though police are investigating as one apparently.

It is also curious that the investigation would rule out anyone since no arrests have been made in the case. Do they even have any suspects at all? Why did the DCDAO make a statement ruling out police officers, but not anyone else, such as Katie's boyfriend Mike who was suspected initially by many people in the community. He has since told the Poughkeepsie Journal that he was ruled out as a suspect after submitting a DNA sample himself, but no such statement was ever issued by the DA or the police on his behalf. Why the favoritism being shown to police by the prosecutor's office?

From almost the beginning, the only information that the public is given on this case, is information defending the police and what appears to be a failed investigation. With each small development in the story, it appears more likely that there is indeed a conspiracy and a coverup, rather then justice for Katie.

EDIT: Looks like PoJo decided to finally put out a more in depth article this morning. 

EDIT 2: Here is a link to the actual statement released by the DCDAO....


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Government subsidized obesity? You betcha!

Why Americans can't afford to eat healthy

The real reason Big Macs are cheaper than more nutritious alternatives? Government subsidies

By David Sirota

The easiest way to explain Gallup's discovery that millions of Americans are eating fewer fruits and vegetables than they ate last year is to simply crack a snarky joke about Whole Foods really being "Whole Paycheck." Rooted in the old limousine liberal iconography, the quip conjures the notion that only Birkenstock-wearing trust-funders can afford to eat right in tough times.

It seems a tidy explanation for a disturbing trend, implying that healthy food is inherently more expensive, and thus can only be for wealthy Endive Elitists when the economy falters. But if the talking point's carefully crafted mix of faux populism and oversimplification seems a bit facile -- if the glib explanation seems almost too perfectly sculpted for your local right-wing radio blowhard -- that's because it dishonestly omits the most important part of the story. The part about how healthy food could easily be more affordable for everyone right now, if not for those ultimate elitists: agribusiness CEOs, their lobbyists and the politicians they own.

As with most issues in this new Gilded Age, the tale of the American diet is a story of the worst form of corporatism -- the kind whereby the government uses public monies to protect private profit.

Get the full article at the link:


Also, be sure to check out a well-researched article on the same topic, chock full of information...

Let them eat cake! (The nutricide of America)

Pentagon Strike (video)

This was the first video I ever watched that challenged the official version of 9/11. Since then, I have gone off on all sorts or goose chases and delved deep into the mysteries of 9/11. I've watched hundreds of videos and spent thousands of hours reviewing everything from engineering specs, to witness statements. Some of the things in this video may or may not be accurate, you will have to judge for yourself, just as I did. Nonetheless, I do fully endorse it as a great introduction to the world of 9/11 conspiracy theory. It's a short vid, not full of all sorts of technical jargon, just some things here to get you thinking. Questions asked that have never been answered. A different view than what was spoon-fed to you that morning and the days that followed.


Did the Allspark Cube make a crash landing in Sudan?

Okay, so maybe it wasn't really the All Spark but it certainly is a strange mystery just the same.

August 3, 1967 - Shamal Darfur, Sudan

A mysterious object plummets from the sky, slamming into the remote desert of western Sudan, approximately 60 miles north by northwest of Al Fashir.

Origin- unknown

The object is reported to be in the shape of a cube, weighing 3 tons. It is made up of smaller, tightly packed oblong cubes measuring one inch by two inches each, but the total size of the object is not reported nor the third dimensional measurement of the smaller cubes. The cubes are made of a soft metal, presumed to be light aluminum, yet cutting samples of it was said to be difficult. How exactly the cubes were fastened together forming the larger cube is unknown.

The entire cube was shrouded in a silky material. There were no markings apparent on the object to identify it. No photographs have ever been made public, though it is reported that local officials did take photos. There is no description of an impact crater.The object is reported to be a satellite, but there are a number of problems with that conclusion.

Satellites are not designed to survive the re-entry into Earth's atmosphere. Even when the remnants of Skylab space station fell out of orbit and disintegrated over Australia upon re-entry in 1979, the largest piece to be recovered on the ground was an oxygen tank. Nowhere near as massive as the Sudan object.

Aluminum melts at 350-degrees Fahrenheit. It is unlikely it would have tumbled through Earth's atmosphere from space without disintegrating and vaporizing, unless it was either protected by a heat shield of some sort, though no such shielding is reported, or if it was originally much, much larger than the object recovered.

So what was this silk-like substance that the cube was covered by? Hardly the sort of material one might expect to be used as a heat shield. Re-entry vehicles such as space-capsules and the Space Shuttle used specially engineered ceramic tiles in order to survive the extreme temperatures of re-entry into the atmosphere. Remembering the Shuttle Columbia tragedy, we can see what happens to an object when the heat shield fails. It may be possible that the silk-like material was a parachute which deployed on the object's final descent. That might also explain the lack of an impact crater being reported if it was indeed a soft landing. But there are a few problems with that theory too.

Why wasn't the material simply identified as a parachute? Where did the heat shield go? Why would an unmanned satellite be designed to fall out of orbit, for what purpose? It costs a lot of money and takes a lot hard work to put something that large up into space. Why would you want to bring it back down?

All of these questions suddenly become academic though as we dig a little deeper and find that we could not have put it into space in the first place. If it was in fact a man-made satellite, how in fact did it get up there? To that date, there was no rocket in the world powerful enough hoist a 3-ton satellite into orbit. The only rocket powerful enough to accomplish such a mission would have been the U.S. Saturn V rocket which did not launch on it's maiden voyage until November 9 of that same year, about three months after this object slammed into the Sudan desert intact. Though now decommissioned, to date the Saturn V remains the most powerful operational rocket ever built and still holds the record for the heaviest launch vehicle payload.

Despite mankind's apparent technological inability to launch such a massive object, there have also been other reports of inexplicably massive satellites being observed over the years. The so-called Black Knight satellite is one such example of the phenomenon. Was this object that fell to the ground in Africa the Black Knight, or something similar? Check out our previous article on that here...

Black Knight Satellite Mystery

It is unlikely that if the United States launched such an object into space, that they would also be wondering what it was and where it came from. The United States officially denies that an object that massive has ever been recovered, as we see in an alleged de-classified report from the Department of State. Relevant portion quoted here...
Q and A with regard to the Soviet Space objects which fell in the middle west.

Questions asked by US Senate Committee on Aeronautical and Space Sciences, 92D Congress, 2nd Session, Staff Report, May 1972.

Q: Have any fragments as large as these ever come back to earth from US or other Soviet Satellites?

A: We do not have any record of a US fragment or of another Soviet fragment as large as the largest COSMOS 316 fragment surviving re-entry. The largest COSMOS 316 fragment is approximately 4 ft by 4ft and weighs 640 pounds.

So is this entire story simply a myth, a hoax? So often that's what these sorts of stories are usually written off as anyway, so it would probably be easy to do that here as well. Although we do have some corroboration that the object was recovered as part of Project Moondust. But I think we can do one better. Let's go ahead and have a look at a document I found at the Defense Intelligence Agency, which contradicts State Department report.

I originally found the document at this address which is no longer valid... http://www.dia.mil/publicaffairs/Foia/ufo2.pdf

Before it was removed though, I made a copy of the entire two part file. You will find the original document on page 52 of this pdf file... http://www.mediafire.com/?vwh4u5a20nd7ab7

Here is a screenshot of the relevant page...


ET humanoid captured in New Paltz NY?

I stumbled across this entry while investigating something about rocketry.

March 1960 - New Paltz, NY Local law enforcement authorities captured a small humanoid outside his craft while two copilots escaped. The alien was turned over to the CIA and died 28 days later.

That same entry is repeated across many websites, but so far I haven't been able to dig up any more info on it. One site says the information is based on a local newspaper clipping but they don't say which paper and there is no image of the alleged article. I know the region very well, and it has long been known as a hotbed of UFO activity.

Are there any readers here who may have more information of any kind on this event?

Eye in the Sky - Alan Parsons Project

Classic conspiracy-theory tune. Put your tinfoil hats on!


Can't Truss It - Public Enemy

I often hear the excuse that "police are only human" when we hear of a case of police violating rights or even killing an innocent person. Yet we NEVER hear that same reasoning when a new law is proposed which gives them MORE power to violate us...

It ain't a black thang, it's a slave thing...

Nothing to hide, nothing to fear?

Two articles that debunk the myth...

Debunking a myth: If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear

The idea that an individual can live in a surveillance society with nothing to fear so long as they have nothing to hide may, on the face of it, appear attractive. For those of us who think of ourselves as 'honest' - we pay our taxes, don't commit murders and are loyal to our partners - why indeed should we fear surveillance?

"Nothing to hide, nothing to fear" (NTHNTF) is a myth that is built on certain false assumptions, and these assumptions are never questioned when it is wheeled out as an argument to support whatever draconian surveillance measure is being pushed out in the face of citizen opposition (commercial organisations rarely try such an approach, since it dooms them to failure from the very beginning). These assumptions include:

Full article at link:


Why Privacy Matters Even if You Have 'Nothing to Hide'

When the government gathers or analyzes personal information, many people say they're not worried. "I've got nothing to hide," they declare. "Only if you're doing something wrong should you worry, and then you don't deserve to keep it private."

The nothing-to-hide argument pervades discussions about privacy. The data-security expert Bruce Schneier calls it the "most common retort against privacy advocates." The legal scholar Geoffrey Stone refers to it as an "all-too-common refrain." In its most compelling form, it is an argument that the privacy interest is generally minimal, thus making the contest with security concerns a foreordained victory for security.

The nothing-to-hide argument is everywhere. In Britain, for example, the government has installed millions of public-surveillance cameras in cities and towns, which are watched by officials via closed-circuit television. In a campaign slogan for the program, the government declares: "If you've got nothing to hide, you've got nothing to fear." Variations of nothing-to-hide arguments frequently appear in blogs, letters to the editor, television news interviews, and other forums. One blogger in the United States, in reference to profiling people for national-security purposes, declares: "I don't mind people wanting to find out things about me, I've got nothing to hide! Which is why I support [the government's] efforts to find terrorists by monitoring our phone calls!"

The argument is not of recent vintage. One of the characters in Henry James's 1888 novel, The Reverberator, muses: "If these people had done bad things they ought to be ashamed of themselves and he couldn't pity them, and if they hadn't done them there was no need of making such a rumpus about other people knowing."

Full article at link:


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