ET humanoid captured in New Paltz NY?

I stumbled across this entry while investigating something about rocketry.

March 1960 - New Paltz, NY Local law enforcement authorities captured a small humanoid outside his craft while two copilots escaped. The alien was turned over to the CIA and died 28 days later.

That same entry is repeated across many websites, but so far I haven't been able to dig up any more info on it. One site says the information is based on a local newspaper clipping but they don't say which paper and there is no image of the alleged article. I know the region very well, and it has long been known as a hotbed of UFO activity.

Are there any readers here who may have more information of any kind on this event?

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Vinny48 said...

I did further research on the information as reported and as usual some of it was incorrect. To correct the information, Fortean Osla had ghe two officers listed incorrectly to incident but in the book the complete guide to ysterious beings by john keel (which can be obtained as a free download), the two officers names where named in a little reported UFO incident in Dec 1960 in Durango, CO. and where the responding officers in that incident. It can be found on the last page of chapter 12.

So we are back to no confirmation of the March 1960 incident in New Paltz, NY. I needed to correct my information. However, in regards to that incident, the glaring and obvious question whould be how would a local small town police force know that 28 days later the recovered
Being died when turned over to the CIA. why would they tell them that?. Sorry about the incorrect info from two years ago.

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