Pentagon Strike (video)

This was the first video I ever watched that challenged the official version of 9/11. Since then, I have gone off on all sorts or goose chases and delved deep into the mysteries of 9/11. I've watched hundreds of videos and spent thousands of hours reviewing everything from engineering specs, to witness statements. Some of the things in this video may or may not be accurate, you will have to judge for yourself, just as I did. Nonetheless, I do fully endorse it as a great introduction to the world of 9/11 conspiracy theory. It's a short vid, not full of all sorts of technical jargon, just some things here to get you thinking. Questions asked that have never been answered. A different view than what was spoon-fed to you that morning and the days that followed.



Anonymous said...

My son also follows, chases, hunts down, reads, talks, writes about anything related to 9/11.

Station Six Underground said...

There is a LOT of material. And most of it says we are being lied to.

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