Plane Crash Caught On Tape Tied to Obama Conspiracy Theories (w/VIDEO)

Plane crashes have often been viewed by conspiracy-theorists as a favored method of assassination, and probably rightly so. Such disasters appear random, and can even hide cover other evidence such as genuine cause of death. It's no surprise that evil-doers would go to such lengths to dispatch their marked target. While those of us who are not ruthless murderers might look on the premise with some incredulity, the truth is that there are very powerful people in the world who will go to any lengths to protect, and to grow their power. Knowing this, conspiracy-theorists are willing to take a second look at events that the average person would most likely simply write off as coincidence or random tragedy.

Take the case of Beverly Eckert for example. The 9/11 widow was a tireless activist, who could not be bought off, seeking answers and reform. In other words she was a major thorn in the side of the government.

Eckert was killed on February 12, 2009, in the crash of Colgan Air Flight 3407 outside of Buffalo, New York. She was traveling to Buffalo for a gathering with her family to mark what would have been Rooney's 58th birthday on February 15. A ceremony had also been scheduled at Canisius High School in which she was to award a student with a memorial scholarship in Rooney's honor.

A week before her death, Eckert met with U.S. President Barack Obama, to discuss detainees at Guantanamo and other matters. -via Wikipedia

It's little wonder why skeptics of coincidence took a closer look, and why conspiracy-theorists decided to posit their own theories about her death.

Of course, there is no real proof that Obama, his handlers or his cronies, had anything to do with the crash. Perhaps it was just coincidence. But then again, that's what we would all be expected to believe if it wasn't an accident.

Skip now to another small plane. Instead of flying covered in ice through a New York blizzard, this time it is a plane flying over the sun-drenched blue waters off the coast of Hawaii. It is December 11, 2013, and on-board the single-engine Cessna is Loretta Fuddy, director of the 50th state's health department.

The 65-year old official had been at the center of the ongoing Obama birth-certificate controversy, when she authenticated and released the President's "long-form" Hawaiian birth certificate back in April 2011. Despite her official position and the apparent credibility that goes along with it, several forensic experts have challenged the authenticity of the birth-certificate. Affidavits were filed by a cold-case investigator to that affect, in May of 2013. 

Ms. Fuddy was the only person who died on that bright Hawaiian pre-Christmas day, when the small plane loaded with  8 other people dropped into the water about a half-mile from the coastline. None of the other people on board suffered serious injury, and a 70-year old man swam to shore to seek help.

The cause of her death has not been made public, and there are discrepancies in reports on how she may have died. Officials have stated that her body was recovered from inside the aircraft, after the other passengers and pilot were rescued. This contradicts the accounts by passengers themselves though, who have said that she made it out of the plane alive along with everyone else, and without any apparent serious injury. One passenger recounted in a press statement how he helped her put on her life-jacket.

“I could not understand how that could have happened at the time, excuse me, that she could have passed. I didn’t understand how it could have happened,” -Pilot of Crashed Plane

The wreckage was spotted by another pilot and his girlfriend who happened to be taking a leisure flight in the area. Had it not been for them, a rescue effort would have been seriously delayed, as the pilot of the downed Cessna had made no distress call. The spotters are reported to have seen all nine people in the water, again contradicting the statement by officials that Fuddy's remains were found still inside the fuselage of the wrecked plane.

Early report found on: YouTube

One passenger managed to actually record the crash and escape.

(This edit, an ABC news exclusive does leave something to be desired. The anchor's commercial for the camera at the beginning of the report is as cringe-worthy as her exaggeration of the plane 'spiraling' into the ocean and unnecessary blow-by-blow. But otherwise, it is good footage of the actual crash nonetheless.)

Conspiracy? Coincidence? It really is up to you to decide.

One thing is true though, 8 out of 9 people on that plane were very lucky.

Additional report from: 21st Century Wire


Detective Sgt Refuses To Resign After Conviction and Jail Sentence

Detective Sgt. Richard Sassi Jr., 34, was sentenced to six months in Dutchess County Jail for falsely reporting an incident to authorities, a misdemeanor, in August 2012. He was subsequently convicted by a jury after a 40-minute deliberation.

The charge stems from a call he made to 911 with report of a burglary in progress, when the boyfriend of a female criminal informant found the police detective in a closet wearing nothing but his underwear. A fight ensued and the disgraced detective is alleged to have pulled his gun on the woman's boyfriend.The former member of the Dutchess County Drug Task Force used a false name when he called to report a burglary in progress. At trial, he alleged that he did so in order to protect the identity of the informant.

The cop intends to appeal the conviction, and has refused to resign from the City of Beacon Police Department.

Back in 2006 the officer sued the city after they passed him over for promotion to detective, in favor of another candidate. It was alleged that he was denied the promotion as retaliation against his father, Richard Sassi Sr., who was the Chief of Police in the city at that time and an outspoken critic of city officials.

Although is seems rather commendable that the criminal cop was sentenced to any jail time at all, one can easily imagine that had he been a civilian in a similar situation, he would have likely faced numerous felony counts, especially considering the brandishing of a handgun during the incident. Furthermore, the detective faced no charges of any kind for his betrayal of public trust in having an illicit affair with an informant, or from using his authority to allegedly coerce sexual favors from that informant.

You can read more details about this recent case at the following link:

Cop's Arrest Jeopardizes Drug Cases


Single Motherhood (VIDEO)

I recently saw an article glorifying the virtues of being a single mother. As if the destruction of the family unit, and raising kids without a father was actually preferable to having some caveman lurking about the house. But this is the reality of single motherhood...

New Age or Old Nick?

The Satanic Bible by Anton LaVey is really the book of self-worship, with manifestation in the physical realm brought about through ritual. The pseudo-religious metaphysics talked about in movements like The Secret or the so-called Teachings of Abraham, are also clearly self-oriented and purport that physical manifestation can be brought about by sheer will. Ritual magick is really nothing more than the orientation and focus of the will.

Either way, it seems like having the ability to manifest physical reality to one’s own liking would be desirable. However, I would draw the line at doing so to the detriment of others, lest that manifestation become what I would consider to be inherently evil. This is the point where I questioned these New Age teachings which I have been exposed to lately. There was an interview on Larry King that I watched recently, but was taped sometime last year I believe. This New Age material was the topic of discussion, and the question was asked about what one should do about friends and family who were not on the same “path” as those who were getting involved in this New Age metaphysical movement. The answer was to basically let them fall by the way-side. That the more a person manifested and attracted that which they desired, the people and things that were not in accordance with that would fall away as a matter of course.

Well, that seems to me to be a convenient way to abandon friends and family who might be having troubles and are not on the same “spiritual path.” You should feel no guilt in abandoning the people you love, because this is really their own doing and once they realize this they will begin “manifesting” for themselves.

Now this brings up another problem. According to these teachings, you can have whatever you want and are really only limited by your own belief as to whether or not you can have them. If you don’t have what you need or want, it is simply because you have not gotten on the right sort of “frequency” to manifest it. And they take it further than the Satanists. If there are things in your life that are not desirable, you are actually manifesting those things as well, apparently through flaws in your own thought process. Your own negative thoughts and doubts are attracting all the bad things in your life.

I’m starting to have a problem with this. If I get shot in the head it was my fault, I attracted it? Suddenly I am left feeling like this whole thing is really just another scheme to prey on the people who really need help the most, while conveniently blaming them for their own plight. Another plot by the Satanic elite to divide the people and absolve themselves of their responsibilities to the people? 

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