Does Photo Show Bomb Being Placed?

Authorities have been mum on what evidence they actually have against the Tsarnaev brothers, the lead suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing case. They showed one small clip of security video that showed the brothers walking past a store, wearing backpacks. The FBI appealed to the public for help in identifying them, but the FBI already knew who they were, and had been in contact with them directly for 5 years.

The original suspect turned out to be innocent, according to them anyway, before being kicked out of the country and sent back to Saudi Arabia. But clearly, the FBI is not so certain about what actually happened there that day. So it begs the question, what evidence do they actually have that the brothers are responsible for the bombing?

Carrying a backpack is not a crime. There were dozens, if not hundreds of people with backpacks and large bags in the crowd that day. In fact, this new picture has come to light which is quite interesting indeed. While the FBI has not shown us any pictures of the brothers actually placing the bombs, this image shows a woman dropping a bag over the fence. Could this have been the bomb?


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