The REAL reason why Governments are Banning Smoking

“Smoking Kills” they say… Let’s put nasty looking images on cigarrete packs and ban smoking in public areas, in bars, in restaurants, in hospitals, in offices…

Sounds kind of nice no, the government cares about our health! Imagine that, the government looking out for everyone’s well-being. Don’t flatter yourself, the truth is sinister and mind-blowing, so stop reading if you are a brainwashed zombie and afraid of the truth! For the open-minded, keep reading:

The real reason governments are banning smoking is because:

- smoking is social
- smoking is interraction
- smoking is inspirational
- smoking is creative
- smoking is motivational

The government wants to avoid people spending too much time in bars, socializing in clubs, talking outside hospitals, meeting new people by asking for a smoke and they want the people occupied with this “bad smoker”. God forbid anyone touches on the real reason why millions die around the globe every year from cancer.

It is not smoking that kills! What really causes cancer and kills is:

- the pollution from your car
- the fine dust from your car’s tyres
- the chemicals in your food
- the lack of vitamins in your vegetables and fruits
- the lack of sex in your relationships
- the obscene amount of violence on your television
- the particles that come out of every printer and fax machine
- the deadly substances flying out of industrial chimneys
- the radioactive elements floating around the earth’s atmosphere

But the truth must be hidden! God forbid the masses start searching for the truth, the whole house of cards would come crumbling down!

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