CPS takes 8-year old away from Botox Mom

When I first saw this story, I thought the mother was half insane, but really I was not at all surprised. The narcissism in our society, particularly among women, is everywhere. This is just another example of it. Now clearly the woman should not be administering Botox to her 8-year old, but the news today is that CPS has stepped in and taken the poor kid away from her mother. Was that really necessary? I think not. An interview with the family, some monitoring perhaps would be in order, give the mother some proper parenting lessons, but taking the kid away is overkill and just about as stupid as the mother giving her kid the friggin Botox in the first place. And is it just me, or is it really creepy how this reporter keeps stressing that the child is okay? I think things just went from bad to worse for that poor kid.

Here's an original report...

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