'Mad Hatters' gang of elderly white ladies terrorize Detroit

So often I hear criminals demonized as the scum of the Earth. As if desperate people are inherently evil, simply born that way, without a moral pang in their bones. Rather than stopping for a second and taking a look at how fucked up this country has gotten because of bad leadership, how our economy has been deliberately driven into the ground, and considering the real reasons why someone might be pressed into taking the risk of losing their freedom and maybe even their very lives, all too many jackholes out there riding around on their fuckin high horses would rather point finger and blame the little guy who had nothing left to lose thanks to the fuckin screw job the government and the corporations are handing all of us.

Just because you haven't had to apply for food stamps, just because you still have a job, just because your house is paid for, does not mean you are fuckin special, or that the fuck-you-next check hasn't already been mailed to your address. And it certainly does not put you on some moral high ground where you have the right to judge someone without having walked the mile in their moccasins.

I can tell you one thing for sure though. You know it's a bad goddamn sign when you have an organized gang of little middle-aged to elderly women called the "Mad Hatters" terrorizing a city as fucked up as Detroit.

Police in Detroit are hunting a gang of middle-aged women, nicknamed the "Mad Hatters", who they blame for a string of robberies, purse snatching and fraud.

The suspects typically steal a woman's wallet or purse, police said in a statement. Shortly afterward, the credit cards and checks are used at stores to buy merchandise or at banks to get cash.

Surveillance photographs supplied by police show the middle-aged to elderly women wear hats, usually of the floppy, fisherman variety, at the time of the incidents.

Purse-snatching crimes are not uncommon, but what is unusual is the organised nature of the crimes.

"Seldom are there these organised rings doing it, such as this one," Sterling Heights police Lt. Luke Riley said.

The incidents began about a year ago and the most recent incident occurred last week, according to a press release from the Sterling Heights Police Department.

The total value of merchandise and cash stolen could be as high as $500,000, police said. The women stole almost $200,000 from one bank.

Riley said authorities are looking for "at least" five or six women in this group.

Photographs show the person responsible for the theft is not always the one who uses the stolen items to commit the fraud, police said.


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