Man kills surgeon who saved his life

This is a pretty bizarre story. Why would a man want to murder the surgeon who saved his life with a double organ transplant? Also strange, is that the man who shot and killed the dotor before turning the gun on himself, had been reported missing from the Bronx NY since 2009.

Patient shoots dead the top surgeon who saved his life with double organ transplant

A top surgeon has been shot dead by a disgruntled patient whose life he had saved with a double organ transplant.

Dr Dmitriy Nikitin, 41, was gunned down as he walked to his car after finishing his shift at a hospital in Orlando, Florida, where he worked as a leading multiple organ transplant surgeon.

The attacker, Nelson Flecha, spoke briefly to Dr Nikitin before pulling out a gun and shooting him several times.

The 52-year-old transplant recipient then walked to another parking level and turned the gun on himself.

The murder-suicide last Thursday was caught on CCTV cameras in the parking garage at the Florida Hospital in Orlando.

Police said Flecha had laid in wait to ambush the surgeon as he left the hospital.

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