Gay marriage passes in NY

ALBANY — Thirty-three state senators have publicly declared they will support legalizing same-sex marriage, all but assuring passage of the measure which will make New York the largest state where gay and lesbian couples can wed.


The Senate took up the measure just before 10 p.m., and the Senate galleries were packed with gay couples in support of the bill and religious opponents of it.

Senator Stephen M. Saland, a Poughkeepsie Republican, became the critical 32nd vote, telling his colleagues in an emotional address that he believed the issue came down to a question of equality.

“I know my vote is a vote of conscience,” he told a hushed chamber. “I am at peace with my vote. It was a struggle. It was an extraordinary deliberation.”

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Station Six Underground said...

If it is going to be allowed, I certainly don't think any church or group should be forced to marry gays if it is against their beliefs.

All in all, while I would be for civil unions, I simply cannot abide the use of the word marriage. This is yet another example of the narcissism or our modern western society, where we can have whatever we want and delude ourselves as to the nature of reality. Changing the very meanings of words, mutilation of genitalia in order to identify with one sex or another, fathers as mothers, mothers as fathers, it's no wonder kids are so screwed up today not knowing witch end is up.

Let me just be clear, I am no homophobe and have no problem with gays, with them living together, with them having commitment ceremonies and partnership rights recognized by the state. But all in all, I think this is a bad day for society, and another win for the NWO.

We can have equality in society without sameness. Black will never be white, women will never be men, and gays will never be a hetero married couple, and its time we embrace those differences and see the "rainbow" for what it is in all of it's glory, instead of just trying to make society gray.

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