Cops Munch Pot Brownies

Someone smelled drugs in the air, and called cops. Police searched an apartment and arrested a 19-year old young man after finding marijuana and hallucinogenic mushrooms. But that's not all they found. They also found a tray of pot-laced-brownies, and ate them! No one really believed the teen when he told them about it, but maybe folks should start listening a little more closely when a suspect, or even any civilian for that matter, accuses an officer of wrongdoing. As it turns out, the two officers blabbed about it in a two way chat using the patrol-car computers, and the conversation was logged at headquarters.

The two un-named officers are still on duty, but there is an investigation underway that could put them up on multiple felony counts. The felony charges against the teen are on hold until that investigation is completed. Which basically means that the DA is going to use that case as a bargaining chip rather than simply prosecute according to the law and the evidence against the teen.

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