Fritz Sound Lab

If you have need of some high-quality, custom made audio equipment, you should check this out....

My goal is to bring well designed and carefully built products to the audio recording community. The products sold here at Fritz Sound Lab are specially designed to be inexpensive, while maintaining a high standard of sound quality and reliability.

I have created this business to bridge the price/performance gap between boutique hand-made audio equipment that costs a fortune, and the cheaply mass produced equipment. Although the inexpensive products available have improved greatly over the years, there is still a level of quality that is lacking. This is especially true for such a complex precision tool as a microphone.

Why buy from Fritz Sound Lab? Because we offer customizable options that no-one else has.  We offer one-on-one support that the big companies can't offer. When you call, you'll be able to talk to me personally; not a sales associate, not a customer service representative, etc. Most importantly, you can be sure that each product you buy from us will work properly right out of the box.

I am behind most of the design work that goes into the products we sell. I have been designing and building audio equipment for six years. I have had the opportunity to record and listen to a wide variety of source material; everything from metal bands to classical orchestras. I am experienced in musical performance and arrangement, and I have an extensive background in working with electronics.  The unique combination of these experiences has allowed me to create the products I have made available on this website.

Please don't hesitate to call me if you have any questions!
-Chris Fritz

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