September Clues

A lot of this is interesting, but I kept saying to myself "well maybe" this or that, trying to debunk the main premise of the video. The makers of the video lead you to believe that the news footage of the planes hitting were incomplete/hoaxed/digitally altered in order to cover up the fact that missiles, not planes hit the WTC. (The video goes into Flight 93 and Pentagon a little too.)

The video comparisons are quite compelling, but the real smoking gun here in this video, comes about 25-30 minutes in, with the audio comparisons. No doubt about it, the audio tracks on these videos were produced in a studio.

I am still not entirely sold on the whole "no planes" conspiracy theory, but they make a compelling case here. And even if there were indeed planes, the footage we have seen over and over are most likely complete forgeries and not really great ones at that.

Have a look for yourself...

About this video

The NEW 2008 version ofSEPTEMBER CLUES. http://www.septemberclues.info On 9/11, the US TV networks used computer generated sceneries of Manhattan. Multiple techniques of image manipulation were employed to simulate "airplanes crashing into the World Trade Center". We now have conclusive evidence that the TV networks were proactively complicit in staging this false-flag operation needed to gather public consensus to wage immensely profitable, illegal wars. The forensic analysis of the live images leave no room for doubt : they do not depict the real-life events of the day but turn out to be entirely doctored video sequences which effectively fooled the worldwide TV audience. Thus, the live broadcasts now stored in the major TV networks' archives, constitute the most solid, verifiable and repeatable proof to expose the falseness of the official version of the 9/11 tragedy. The subsequently released, so-called "amateur" videos were more sophisticated video composites yet all have now been exposed for what they are :digital forgeries. Most likely, electromagnetic technology commonly used in war zones (to jam electronic circuitries) prevented any private footage being recorded at the time of the tower strikes. Scores of testimonies confirm that cellphones or firefighters' walkie-talkies did not function properly in NYC that day. Most on-the-scene witnesses reported a SMALL aircraft of some sort : Arguably, what they saw was a winged missile. The 4 purported hijacked flights, as well as the related passenger lists, turn out to have several problems as far as their authenticity is concerned : a long list of documentation (or lack of it) reveal serious discrepancies regarding NTSB, BTS and FAA data. All of the above facts, taken together, suggest that the official version of the events is fraudulent.

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