Police Fail to Find Missing Woman 1/3 Mile From Home

Ulster County, NY - The body of a 54-year old woman was found at the bottom of a 125-foot embankment in a heavily wooded area on Friday night. Police found no signs of foul play.

But I am finding signs of "what the fuck are we paying the police for?" Police have been investigating her disappearance since Tuesday. The discovery of her remains was made possible thanks to a civilian who reported a suspicious vehicle parked near his property at the corner of Gallis Hill and Hurley Mountain Road. It turned out to be the missing woman's car, parked alongside the road, a third-mile from her own home. Her body was discovered by the local fire department and a tow truck driver near the vehicle.

In four days police failed to find her car parked at the entrance to a suburban neighborhood, along a main county route. A quick peek at the area on Google Earth and you will see that this was hardly a remote location. Granted, her body was found in the woods at the bottom of a cliff, but her car was not hidden at all. So what exactly were the police investigating for four days?

After an autopsy today, the woman's preliminary cause of death is attributed to a combination of the fall and hypothermia. So it appears that she laid there suffering for some time, while the cops ate their donuts. Their incompetence directly contributed to this woman's death.

I'd be willing to bet that if that woman had just shot a cop, they would have located her car in less than ten minutes. This is how the police protect the people. Think about that the next time they want funds for more manpower, or more license plate reading cameras on their squad cars.

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