'Terminator' Hunter-Seeker No Longer Sci-Fi

The Department of Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has been extremely interested in robotic and cyber technology over the past few years and has now contracted Boston Dynamics to make the first Terminator-like robot fully functional.

When will we reach a point where robots become self-aware?

The Answer is — We already have, as reported in the article Army Achieves ‘Skynet’ —Self-Aware Decision Making Network

Boston Dynamics (the makers of the FEMA ‘Big Dog’) are contracted to design a few items for DARPA.  A robotic chetah that can outrun the fastest man, zig-zag, turn, maneuver, and stop on a dime is in the works as we speak.

Boston Dynamis said;
“It will be able to zig-zag and take tight turns in order to chase and evade…. it will also be able to make sudden stops and could end up with a tail.”


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