Wall Street Wankers

Enough platitudes and bullshit from CNN, MSNBSC, CNBSC, Fox News, the BBC, The Financial Times, The New York Times, Herman Cain, Barry Obama, John Boehner, Nany Pelosi, The Wall Street Journal, Glenn Beck, Wolf Blitzer, Paul Krugman, Thomas Sowell, The Guardian, Tony Blair, Michelle Big-Caboose Cabrerra, Joe Kiernan (punk ass bitch), Steve LIESman, Christina Romer, Austin Goooolsby, Bill Gates, Rudy Giuliani Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger, Mitt Romney, Harry Reid, Sarah Palin, Andrew Ross-Sorkin, Charlie Rose, The Bernank, Timmmmay Jeetner, Tom Friedman, Rahm Emmanuel, Michael Bloomberg, Charles Schumer, or any other politician, pundit, talking head, opinionator, regulator, legislator, columnist or other dipshit who is dancing around the core truth:

Wall Street and Investment Banks are parasitic, economy destroying entities as now structured (or centrally planned, as the case is), staffed with teat-sucking wards of the state, who think that their income is derived from their efforts, rather than state subsidization, & the (very rigged and non)free markets (equity, bond, credit, etc.) are anything but free, and now represent a laughable casino and tool for the Friends of the New York Branch of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York to fleece the taxpayers and anyone idiotic enough to invest their assets in the Wall Street House of Fraud or the bonds that the investment banks peddle.

The high priests of finance are destroying the world again, after literally buying off the U.S. Congress & President, and the alleged elected leaders of EU Member States.

Wall Street and Investment Banks do nothing but shift and siphon wealth and taxdollars (the subsidization part brought about by buying off Congress & the TOTUS), like parasitic blood suckers, exacerbating the fundamental, inherent ailments in a very sickly economy that has deprived the real wealth creators and job creators of capital, and that has now created a structural, rather than cyclical, economic downturn/crisis.

History. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.



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