Foodstamp Chart

It's important to keep in mind here, that this does not represent a sudden spike in the number of people who just decided that they would rather not work, and chose to get government assistance instead. This chart represents a huge surge in the number of Americans who cannot afford to buy food, even though they may actually still be working, if they are lucky enough to have a job. The maximum benefit for foodstamps is $200 a month, at a time when food prices are also going through the roof. $46 dollars a week is not easy at all to get by on, and it gets more difficult each month. It is also important to keep in mind here that it is not "easy" to get foodstamps. You must qualify, by proving that you meet the government designated criteria which shows you cannot afford to eat. There are plenty of people who still earn too much to qualify but are actually at risk for serious malnutrition, because of the strict standard set to qualify. And lastly, consider that foodstamps was never designed to be a primary food source, but a supplement. Nonetheless, most people who use foodstamps today rely on this subsidy as their primary source of nutrition for themselves and their family.

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