Controversial Police Chief Resigns

Town of Hyde Park, NY Police Chief Charles Broe will resign from his post, effective December 23.

Broe began his stint with the department under a cloud, as an unpopular political appointment. He replaced the acting chief, a well-liked long-time department veteran who was pushed aside amid unsavory political wrangling. Through his brief career with the town, Broe had the staunch support of Town Supervisor Tom Martino, who himself became so unpopular with the town that his political party failed to endorse him for a second term election run. To many townspeople, it comes as no surprise that Broe will be leaving just days before Martino's term expires.

But it was not his strong ties to the unpopular town supervisor alone that cast a shadow over the police chief. His bumbling leadership amid the high profile homicide case of teen gymnast Katie Filiberti, embroiled himself and the department in a scandalous controversy that still divides the town to this day. There are still strong suspicions which linger too, as the people of the town and surrounding communities await the start of a murder trial in that case.

The Poughkeepsie Journal has removed their story about Broe's resignation for unknown reasons, but still left this interview available to share through an embedding code at their website.

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