Gender Bias and Domestic Violence, Blogger Rips Media Spin

This was a good piece written by a person I chat with on a backwater little forum in my hometown. He was ticked off about an article written in the local newspaper, and how they constantly spin domestic violence issues. Not only does his piece expose the paper's bias, but the general media, and even sheds light on the generally distorted view society takes in general toward domestic violence and gender relations.

The issue here locally, is especially volatile with an unprecedented number of DV-related suicides and murders in the past two years. One situation actually exploded in public at our city's train station. When it was all over both the man, the woman, and a police officer were dead. All killed right in front of the couple's 3 year-old child. The other stories are all tragic as well, but with the death of a police officer in the middle of the afternoon at a very busy train station, domestic violence has indeed become public enemy number one here.

And with that, have a look at this piece put together by Rogue One, at Hudson Valley Forums...

Local Paper Carries on Gender Biased DV Agenda

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