Memorial Day

As most of you have probably figured out, judging from the content of this blog, I am not a big fan at all of United States policy in the modern era, and what I see as openly aggressive imperialism.

Now some might say that if no one volunteered to serve, we would not have this problem. But I believe that is a falsehood. Servicemen and servicewomen are not the policy writers, they are the instrument of policy. All they have is a job. Is it possible to do the wrong thing, for the right reasons? Probably more likely today than ever before, in our convoluted world. It is for that reason that I honor the men and women who have paid the price in blood, to serve this dieing Republic. Right or wrong, they do it for us, and their blood is on our hands for leading them astray. They have not failed us, we have failed them.

"Y'know what I think? Don't really matter what I think. Once that first bullet goes past your head, politics and all that shit just goes right out the window." ~Master Sergeant "Hoot" Gibson, Delta Force, Blackhawk Down

On Memorial Day, we must also honor those who sacrificed life and limb in the wars of yesteryear. In Vietnam, when we at home made the mistake of blaming the honorable for the misdeeds of our leadership. Then the futility of the war in Korea, that has never really ended. Then of course to World War II, where, many a hero were forged, though they would argue that none who lived was deserving of any decoration. Further back now, to the first World War, where men came home to die a year or so later, having been gassed in the trenches and slowly dieing of irrecoverable wounds which modern medicine had not caught up to. The Civil War, that was oh so un-civil. The skirmish wars in between, lost to mainstream recognition. On back now to the founding of this nation, in a Revolution, where so many suffered and died for the promise of a freedom and ideal that we seem to have forgotten.

How easy it is to forget now, that sacrifice that was made so many years ago. How easy it is to forget, that this is the ideal our troops fight for today.

Do not let the sacrifice be in vain. Honor the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, honor the men and women who gave all that they had for things more important than ballgames and barbecues.

Honor them, who gave all for us.

Today I salute you members of the armed services, in memorial of the blood you have lost, the limbs you have lost, the compatriots you have lost. Today I salute the dead, who died for all of us.


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