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You may have noticed that we switched to a few new fonts for the site here. The original typeface gave the site a bit more of a retro feel, but over time I found it kind of difficult to read, especially long articles. So a few nights ago I switched over to a some new fonts in order to make the articles a little easier on the eyes. Still not sure I like it though. So, you may see me playing around with it over the next few weeks, but not to worry, no serious shake-ups happening here.

If you want to ring in with your thoughts, does it look better, worse, is it easier to read, etc., feel free to ring in by posting in the comments section below. Wait for the DISQUS app to load (a few secs) and you can post a comment, no membership required. If you are seeing this article on the home page you will have to click "comments" to load DISQUS on the page. Otherwise, if you are on a direct link it should have loaded automatically.

As always, thanks for stopping by.

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