Police Chief Charged in Sex With Minors Scandal

Normally, when someone is charged with a misdemeanor, it's really no big deal. Getting rambunctious at a party, getting caught with a little bag of weed, those are misdemeanor crimes. Crimes that never really hurt anyone.

Sadly, that minor level of crime is also used to cover up official misconduct. Conduct which would warrant a felony charge and a potential prison term if it were you or I, but through favoritism we see police and public officials given the scape-goat. While you might have to pay tens of thousands of dollars for having a few drinks after a New Year's party, police, it seems, can get away with a few hundred dollar fine for sex crimes.

In this particular instance we have a chief of police. Not some rookie, not even a line officer, but a Chief, facing charges in regards to sex with minors. If this were a civilian, surely multiple felonies would have been charged, and guilty or not, the accused would have been tarnished for life. That is not quite so it seems, when you are a cop, once again cementing the double standard between the people and the system.

If you are a cop, you can rape, and cover up rape of minors, with relative impunity.

So this particular scumbag is charged with a misdemeanor for covering up sex crimes against children. That's the best they could come up with, after spending untold tax dollars trying to prosecute him for rape of minors himself.  So that's the best they could come up with, a misdemeanor, after this scumubag appears to have been raping children for decades.

Carnright says that’s not the first investigation. There was a prior investigation years ago. “That involved sexual misconduct charges against Taggard, but those charges were never filed,” Carnright said.

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