Disney Leads Orwellian Face I.D. and Recognition Tech

I don't even know where to begin with this. It would be scary enough to know that the government was developing this sort of technology, but to learn that a private company is doing this is downright scary. And not just any company, but Disney. The happy go-lucky good-times-for-everyone company is now at the leading edge of technology that could make the most devout skeptic of conspiracy shake in their boots.

To start, Disney is now developing technology that will manipulate the way children play video games, based on their gander and physical appearance.

In an age where Kinect and PlayStation Eye/Move are encouraging less traditional interaction with video game consoles and cameras are a mainstay in virtual everything, let alone most mobile devices, one man at Disney Interactive sees video game systems moving even further from the path of the familiar and letting the console games make their own decisions based on — you guessed it — physical appearance.

Both ‘System and method for number of players determined using facial recognition’ (US Patent Application 20120214585) and ‘Gender and age based gameplay through face perception’ (US Patent Application 20120214584) list Phillippe Paquet as the sole inventor and offer to leverage existing technology in interesting ways.
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As if it weren't creepy enough that Disney is planning to manipulate the way your children play video games, or even watch television, the technolgy being developed gets a whole lot more creepy. It's not just for kids folks. In this instance, we see that the technology is not just in development, but has already been deployed, in order to steal your credit card number, and who knows what else.
A software engineer in my Facebook community wrote recently about his outrage that when he visited Disneyland, and went on a ride, the theme park offered him the photo of himself and his girlfriend to buy – with his credit card information already linked to it. He noted that he had never entered his name or information into anything at the theme park, or indicated that he wanted a photo, or alerted the humans at the ride to who he and his girlfriend were – so, he said, based on his professional experience, the system had to be using facial recognition technology. He had never signed an agreement allowing them to do so, and he declared that this use was illegal. He also claimed that Disney had recently shared data from facial-recognition technology with the United States military.

Yes, I know: it sounds like a paranoid rant. Except that it turned out to be true. News21, supported by the Carnegie and Knight foundations, reports that Disney sites are indeed controlled by face-recognition technology, that the military is interested in the technology, and that the face-recognition contractor, Identix, has contracts with the US government – for technology that identifies individuals in a crowd. Full story here
Okay, way creepy. How much worse could it get? Some company stealing your credit card info. Aside from the far more nefarious aspects if this, just imagine for a moment that some kid manning that ride and bucking for a promotion decided to bill your credit card for a few pics that you had said "NO!" to. Good luck arguing that with your bank or even in court a month later when you get home from vacation. You will get charged the fee by this "trusted" company and that will be that.

Oh, but it does get worse my friend, much worse. What if they could not only charge your credit card, but suddenly actually BECOME YOU? Not only to rack up your credit card, but perhaps, let's say, to go out and become a gun-wielding madman? Wow, now that's totally far-fetched and unbelievable, right? Well guess again my friends. Yes they absolutely can, become you...
LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. (CBS Tampa) – Scientists employed by the Walt Disney Company have developed technology that allows them to replicate, with near perfect accuracy, the very versatile human face.

Documents posted on the official Disney Research website details plans for what they refer to as physical face cloning. Click here for more
Of course, they are talking about using this technology to be applied to animatronics, which might make sense for Disney given their movie and character development. However, there is NOTHING that says this can't and won't be used by a live subject, and not just animatornic figures. Essentially, this technology makes it completely possible for one person to completely and realistically become another person. Especially when it comes to that person being recognized by surveillance cameras. Are you following me here?

Disney now has the technology to put a plastic face on a human being, that is completely life-like in every way. So lifelike, that surveillance cameras and even eyewitnesses would describe YOU as the culprit or character in any activity such as a bombing, mass-shooting, Manchurian Candidate election, or any number of nefarious ends.

This technology that we thought only existed in the imagination, in movies, is very very real. They can, at their will, take your credit card number, make a purchase to verify that you were there, and walk into a movie theater with YOUR FACE and shoot up a few dozen people. And of course, blame you for it. This is not fantasy, this is reality...

Now if all that is not enough to creep you out, I suggest you have a good look at the REAL face of this company called Disney...

Sexual subliminals in kids' shows

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