Some Truth About War (with video)

I have decided to share this video, for the purpose of information sharing. I believe it is important to get all perspectives, in order to formulate your own opinions.

It is important to keep in mind here, that this piece is brought to us by Russia Today, and is clear anti-American propaganda. But what is most chilling, what scares me more than anything is, that it is true. Not that this is a clear look at the overall mindset of all troops, or the conditions under which they fight, or even the reasons why they fight. This is only a small sampling of the reality of what happened there. Nevertheless, this is a ture look at the grim face of war.

It is also important to keep in mind here, that while foreign nations may pose propaganda against us, they too are guilty of horrendous crimes as bad as these, maybe worse, not as if that were any excuse though. 

I am sharing this today not as an anti-American sentiment, but as an anti-war sentiment. This is what you unleash, when you vote for war. The most depraved spirit of humanity, this is LEGION, and the demon is beholden to no nation...

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