World Penis

Does size matter? The age-old question. Well if it does, here is a chart for the ladies to turn to if they decide to make an international move in search of sausage. Or for a less-endowed gentleman to move on to a place where he might wind up the big fish in a small pond.

Congo takes the fuckstick first with an average length of 7.1 inches in trouser snake. In last place? Korea (both North and South) with the average noodle measuring 3.8-inches.

Around the rice-bowl, China and Japan are nearly tied in the winky-works with an average 4.3 inches, but with Japan thrusting above the competition by three-tenths of a millimeter. If size does matter, then every little bit counts, right?

In the next-up below-average category, the Russian rod rounds out at 5.2 inches. And if they are going down in the land-down-under to make up for the lack of love-muscle in Australia, with an average 5.2 inches as well, American boys better start the tongue exercises as our Harry Johnson's came up short with an average of 5.1 inches.

To the Great White North, the Canadians have jumped into the middle-category with an average of 5.5 inches in Canuck cock, matching the average British beef-bayonet. But German engineering is putting out 5.7 inches of bratwurst.

Meanwhile, the Italian stallions are living up to their their name with 6.2 inches of Peter in their basilica according to the research center in Unibo, Bologna. Not to be outdone though by the average French frank finding the 6.3 inch mark of fondue-fountain.

From the chart there, you can see that both South America, and Africa are the swinging dicks of the world taking the lead in length of the big banana. For more detials, you can check out this link:


If you Google "world average penis size" you won't get a direct answer. The Wikipedia page tells us that the average is somewhere between 5.1 and 5.9 inches.

But I suppose it's all about how you measure it anyway.

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