Denver Airport Mysteries

The Denver International Airport is certainly a creepy place for anyone who is the least-bit observant. Having been there myself, I can say that it does not give off the same "creepy vibe" as some old decrepit and abandoned asylum on a stormy night, but instead, the creepiness becomes surreal when you see very eerie things in such a clean, open, well-lit and modern place.

On first arrival, the place feels almost soothing. The air is fresh, the view across the plateau a blank canvas, the building itself clean and bathed in sunlight. But on second glance, what really is the design of the building itself? It's not exactly sleek, or modern as one might expect for such a new, expensive, state-of-the-art international airport. The roof is a haphazard jumble of white tent peaks. Artistic architectural expression? Perhaps, but it doesn't appear to be either pretty nor efficient for a mile-high city.

Odd design is not so much of a big deal though, in most cases. But there is much more to take a closer look at. If you arrive over-land to catch a flight out, rather than arriving on an inbound flight, you will be greeted by a very creepy statue on the front lawn. A person I was visiting there in Colorado falsely stated that it was "the Denver Bronco." I knew better, but it just goes to show how people can simply overlook or justify the things they see, without understanding them in the least. The things that are hidden in plain sight.

The statue is a giant, emaciated, anatomically correct male mustang, painted in shining cobalt blue with glowing red eyes. Many have equated it with the "pale" horse, or the horse of Death, the last of the Four Horses of the Apocalypse. That theory becomes much more believable when you see that the end of the world is a recurring theme in the artwork within the airport itself, as you shall see below. It also became the literal truth for the artist who created the bizarre monument, when he was crushed to death by a 9,000 piece of the statue during construction.

But all of this is just scratching the surface. Literally perhaps, as there are vast underground tunnels and rumors of a secret underground base. But let's go ahead now, and have a look at another article on the subject here at Vigilant Citizen:

Sinister Sites - The Denver International Airport

We also have this segment from Jesse Ventura's conspiracy television show, followed by a conversation about the topic on Coast to Coast AM:

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