'Empire of The City' aka 'The Ring of Power' (Video Presentation)

((( Viewer discretion is advised )))

The materials presented here are likely to radically upset any lay person's worldview and may cause psychological harm. This video is not recommended for the uninitiated. There are other "conspiracy" sort of materials that one should consider and examine before delving into this robust presentation. 

If you would like recommendations on more suitable introductory material to the subject matter, please feel free to contact me by email through the "CONTACT" key above.

Station.6.Underground cannot attest to the validity or truth of the material which is presented in this video, but the information is thorough, logical, and quite alarming. Use your own best judgement when deciding for yourself how to define the reality of the world around us today. 

Please visit the original producer's website to order your own high-quality DVD copy of this production by clicking this link: Help Free The Earth

"From the mystery religions of ancient Egypt to the Zionist role in 9/11, “Ring Of Power” puzzles together the missing pieces of our human story. Find out how an illuminati network of international bankers and European royalty have turned the world’s nations and citizens into their debt slaves."

Please note, sources for this video are continually removed. We try to update a link to a new source, but it is quite obvious that the powers-that-be are passively censoring this info. Overt censorship would only legitimize the contents, therefore, they can only try to break the links and hamper dissemination of this material. 

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