BREAKING: Machine Gun Fire In Miami Skies (VIDEO)

MIAMI (WSVN) -- This is only a drill. Black Hawk choppers soared into the skies in downtown Miami, Wednesday night. The joint military training exercise also involved local police. In the shadow of the Adrienne Arsht Center, several police cruisers crossed Biscayne Boulevard, presumably as part of the drill. Police have blocked off traffic on Biscayne Boulevard, although this measure might be related to the Miami Heat game about to finish at the American Airlines Arena. The exercises, which began Tuesday night, are being executed to meet requirements, which include upcoming overseas missions and ensuring their equipment is in good working order. Miami residents up on the balconies overlooking downtown Miami have been making amateur videos and posting them on YouTube. Tuesday night one of these videos showed the military helicopters flying over 395, right by the Miami Herald Building. The amateur footage, shot by Atlanta resident Josh Epperson, also captured the sound of blank rounds being fired. In town for work, Epperson admitted he had no idea what was happening when he filmed the footage. "I heard the machine gun fire and then I hit the deck," he said. "I didn't know what to expect, and it was one of the loudest things I'd ever heard." Additional training exercises have been taking place across Miami-Dade County. Police have been vague about specific locations and how long the drills will continue. They say public safety is their top priority, which is why the exercises are being held at night.

This is absolutely ridiculous. Just because you are an authority does not give one the right to "yell fire in a crowded movie theater" so to speak. In this day and age, with terrorism and mass shootings putting Americans on edge more than ever before, this stunt is well beyond irresponsible.

Is this the sort of "responsible" gun ownership we are supposed to trust the police and military with, while they demand that we give up our own guns? I wonder what would happen if I decided to drive down a freeway shooting blanks from an AR-15?

"Gee officer, I was just practicing," I might say if they didn't shoot me dead first.

Our cities are not army bases or shooting ranges. Events like this are clearly staged psyops to agitate the public and instill fear.

This sort of activity by so-called professionals is grossly irresponsible and might have even led a citizen to return live fire fearing for their own life. This is an absolutely despicable show of force.


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