Do These Images Reveal The Real Boston Bombers?

While the FBI claims to have video of the Tsarnev brothers actually placing the bombs, no such video has yet been made public. From the start, the media has tried to convince us that just because the brothers were caught on a store surveillance camera wearing backpacks, that they must be the bombers. Of course, that means we must also ignore the dozens of other people caught on camera that day wearing backpacks and carrying bags.

People like this guy, who we see here carrying a bag very similar to one that we later saw exploded.  

(There was also an image of him not carrying the bag later, as if he had left it somewhere. But it appears that image has now been scrubbed from the internet. If anyone has a copy, please email me or drop it in a comment in the DISQUS box.)

Some reports indicate that this guy was cleared by the FBI after questioning.

From these images, we can clearly see what is believed to be one of the two bombs. Although the focus has been on backpacks all along, this looks more like a bag of some sort, than a regular backpack.

So do we have any images of the suspected brothers near there, or better yet, actually placing that bag? No. What we have are images of two women placing the bag there, in two parts, while an older man watches from behind.

While these images too might just be "coincidence" it is far more compelling evidence than seeing the suspect brothers simply walking around wearing backpacks. Before they were singled out, dozens, if not hundreds of people carrying bags were scrutinized in images plastered up all over the internet.

It is also interesting to note, that within minutes of the bombing, the FBI were destroying evidence.

Boston Bombing Witness Says FBI Deleted His Crime Scene Photos


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