'Papers Please' Incident Makes Cops Look Like Gestapo (VIDEO)

In this video you will see police demand identification from a woman who is minding her own business, in her own home. Not only do they demand her "papers" in true Nazi fashion, but they proceed to barge into her home without a warrant.

According to comments left on the YouTube page, police initially contacted her saying that her grass was too tall. As it turns out though, they were trying to serve an arrest warrant... for a woman who lived down the street.

The victim also claims that police broke things in her home, and rifled through her belongings, again, without a warrant or probable cause.

Each one of these officers should be charged with criminal trespass, at the very least, and a felony burglary charge could by substantiated as the police were armed and acting under the threat of deadly force. You will also notice that police failed to properly identify themselves, or to produce the arrest warrant.

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