Authorities Ignore Threats by Trayvon Supporters, Arrest Other Kids for Nonsense

In one case a white teenager was arrested, jailed for a month, and faced 20 years in prison for posting rap lyrics on Facebook. In another case, a teenager has been sitting in jail since February on charges of making terrorist threats stemming from a comment on a Facebook video game. The comment was admittedly violent sounding but also quite clearly meant as sarcasm. In Pennsylvania, school officials alleged that a five-year old made terror threats when she threatened to shoot classmates with a Hello Kitty bubble gun. In New York, a man's guns were confiscated and his permits revoked after his ten-year old son threatened to shoot classmates with a water pistol. Not a water pistol posing as a real gun mind you, just a water pistol. Authorities in Suffolk county have told the man he can't have his guns back until his son is 18 or moves out of the home.

Despite so many cases like this, of authorities going out of their way to arrest and harass citizens over entirely bogus "terror threats" supposedly in the name of a "better safe than sorry" approach to law enforcement, when it comes to actual threats of terror and violence, police fail to act.

Authorities are bracing for riots if Andrew Zimmerman is acquitted in the shooting of Trayvon Martin. Despite the fact that Zimmerman is part Latino, has a black grandmother, and has been active in black activism for years, the trial has become a lightning rod for black vs. white racial tensions across the country. But police have failed to take action against hundreds, maybe thousands of black youths across the country who have threatened looting, arson, violence and even murder against whites if Zimmerman is acquitted.

These threats should not be taken as idle threats either. Violence has already been done in the name of Trayvon Martin. You can see examples of that here, here, and here.

Aside from the issues which surround the Zimmerman murder trial itself, we should not be distracted from a larger field of view here. Whether Zimmerman is guilty or innocent, the fact remains that we are seeing another blatant example of police and government hypocrisy. People who are clearly innocent being jailed for terrorist threats, while authorities plainly ignore genuine threats and fail to act against the perpetrators.

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