Anti-Gun Mayor Accused of Shooting At Boy Who Wouldn't Have Sex With Him

The Inguistr reports:

Marcus Hook, PA — A member of the Michael Bloomberg-sponsored gun control organization “Mayors Against Illegal Guns” has been arrested and charged in connection with a handgun incident at his home.

James Schiliro, a.k.a. Jay Schiliro, the mayor of Marcus Hook, a small town in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, faces charges of official oppression, reckless endangerment, unlawful restraint, false imprisonment, and furnishing a minor with alcohol.

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The 38-year old Republican reportedly ordered a police officer to deliver the 20-year old young man to his home, and then allegedly told the minor that he had ordered police to stay away from the house for the rest of the night. It is further alleged that he plied the youth with alcohol, brandished numerous firearms, told the boy he was "going to be a hostage" and fired a shot from a 9mm pistol, when the youth refused the mayor's sexual advances.

Further coverage available at:

The Mental Recession, NY

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